Someone said I was fat

This is a film for teachers to use in schools and services for young people

“Someone said I was fat” has been developed to be viewed by children and young people ideally at an age where they become increasingly conscious of body image and disordered eating can begin. Of course, individuals develop differently. However, we would consider the film to be particularly suitable for children and young people aged 10 to 16.

It has been made for teachers to use in assemblies and classes and has also been used by Guides groups and other services for young people. We hope as many services use it as possible. We have also developed accompanying resources which you can use together with the film, to support discussion, with variations for different age groups.

Two of the contributors to the film developed anorexia during their first year in secondary school. One contributor explains how she was admitted for inpatient treatment at a time, aged 12, before she really understood what an eating disorder was or had an opportunity to learn about the issues at school.

The film is built around the thoughts and reflections of four young people who were treated at Schoen Clinic Newbridge for anorexia. Three are female, one is male and they were all under the age of 16 when they developed anorexia. Schoen Clinic Newbridge is an eating disorders centre in the West Midlands for young people aged 11 to 18.