Outstanding patient care focused on outcomes

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At Schoen Clinic, medical outcomes are continuously measured and compared

We are motivated by the desire for every patient to have the prospect of a healthier life through having the best possible clinical outcome. This core commitment to quality and clinical excellence is at the heart of everything we do.

Schoen Clinic London will be fully integrated into Schoen Clinic’s unique system of quality measurement. We have defined measures for patient outcome, patient safety and patient experience, collected across the entire patient journey. 

Quality empowered by documentation

Patient outcome

At Schoen Clinic, clinical outcomes are continuously measured and compared. We measure a broad range of treatment outcomes and have specified quality indicators for every clinical procedure, each with an appropriate target. As far as possible, we use international indicators and standards but where these do not exist we have developed them ourselves and taken them to national and international specialist organisations. Our patient’s view of their own progress is highly important and we measure and track their reported outcomes for up to 24 months post-surgery. 

The extensive amount of outcome data we collect is analysed and reported regularly. Expert groups from across our hospitals discuss the results and initiate changes that will improve the medical care of our patients. We also co-operate with universities and research groups to spearhead new forms of therapy and academic research.

Patient safety

Patient safety is our highest priority and everything we do is based on safe practices. Our focus on measuring so many aspects of quality enhances patient safety. Precisely defined, internally and externally regulated processes, including checklists and safety routines, are built into our quality measurement system and into our daily practices.

Patient experience

At Schoen Clinic we don’t just deliver the best possible outcomes for our patients, we deliver an excellent experience, by managing their full care pathway. We do this by bringing together leading specialists and expertise around our patients so they get all the support they need before, during and after treatment. Our clinical teams meet in multi-disciplinary forums to agree the treatment plan for patients with complex needs and they are supported by a case manager. We treat every patient as a partner in their care and ensure their experience supports their treatment.

The new London hospital will offer patients real convenience, with all facilities easily accessible under one roof. We are employing people who share the Schoen Clinic emphasis that patients should feel comfortable and at ease and experience compassion, respect and kindness in their care.

The impact of measuring outcomes

Graphic:  Reducing the need for blood transfusion

Reducing the need for blood transfusion

According to international studies, the risk of needing a blood transfusion during hip replacement is around 22%. Schoen Clinic’s constant collection and review of data from patients under-going this operation enabled consultants to adapt procedures. Despite already being better than average, Schoen Clinic has driven systematic improvements in blood transfusion rates over the last five years, reducing it to 0.5%. For patients this means fewer complications and faster recovery from surgery.

Increasing flexibility

In 2011 only two thirds of Schoen Clinic’s hip replacement patients left hospital with >70° flexibility. Through measuring outcomes and reviewing the data a new programme was introduced in 2012. This focused on mobilising patients within six hours of surgery and giving them additional intensive physiotherapy. The result was a marked increase in the percentage of patients achieving >70° flexibility on discharge.