16th July, 2019

Schoen Clinic London announces partnerships with four open golf champions

Molinari, Stenson, Harrington and Hall agree to deals with world-renowned hospital group


Schoen Clinic London, experts in orthopaedic and sports medicine, has today announced partnerships with four of the world’s leading golfers; Francesco Molinari, Henrik Stenson, Padraig Harrington and Georgia Hall.

The four Open champions will team up with Schoen Clinic London in long term deals aimed at showcasing the leading healthcare provider’s unique, innovative and specialised approach to orthopaedic care.

Schoen Clinic London is part of the world-renowned Schoen Clinic hospital group which combines state-of-the-art facilities with expert medical teams to offer patients rapid assessment, expert diagnosis and swift recovery.

The partnerships with Molinari, Stenson, Harrington and Hall align with Schoen Clinic’s growing reputation as a leading innovator in the treatment and prevention of sports-related injuries.

The golfing quartet, with six major championships between them, will front a series of entertaining content aimed at showcasing the short and long term benefits Schoen Clinic’s service can provide to both professional and amateur athletes. As part of the series, the golfers will visit Schoen Clinic London, the London orthopaedic hospital, where specialist consultants will put them through a 4D assessment. 

These golfers operate at the very highest level and, as professional athletes, their body is their tool so it’s vital they look after it, said Christopher Schoen, Member of the Schoen Clinic Administrative Board. “Every individual is different and by helping our patients understand their own body better, we can make a significant difference to performance through treatment and prevention.”

Francesco Molinari, who defends his British Open title this week, said: “I hit thousands and thousands of golf balls a year which puts a lot of strain on my body. Conditioning in golf has improved significantly over the last few years but we’re always looking for new ways to help us keep fit and stay injury free. Even the smallest change can make a significant difference. I’m looking forward to working with Schoen Clinic and leaning on their expertise.”

“Golfers are hitting the ball so hard nowadays that injuries are inevitable” added Henrik Stenson. “I’ve suffered injuries over the years, like most golfers, and you realise the importance of understanding your body and making the adjustments to look after it. Schoen Clinic is a world leader in doing just that so I’m excited to partner with them.”

Georgia Hall, who landed her maiden major at last year’s Women’s British Open, said “What’s impressed me with the people at Schoen Clinic is that they apply a sporting mentality in the medical world. They constantly look to innovate, challenge and evolve the way things are done. The advice and expertise they’ll bring will be extremely valuable.”

Two-time Open Champion, Padraig Harrington, has had his share of injuries in the past states, “Preventative and post-surgery care is essential for career longevity.  To have the level of insight and care that Schoen offers will definitely be a key to my ongoing performance, so I’m eager to go through a 4D body scan and gait analysis under the watchful eye of the medical team.”



Schoen Clinic London, the London orthopaedic hospital located on Wigmore Street, is the latest addition to the Schoen Clinic hospital group. The specialist hospital has 39 beds, private rooms, outpatient, diagnostic and rehabilitation facilities; offering Patients the best of the best; including leading specialist consultants from spinal, orthopaedic, musculoskeletal, who work as a team with expert radiologists, physiotherapists, sports physicians and specialist nurses, all in one location with the patient at the heart of everything they do.

Schoen Clinic is the largest family-run hospital group in Germany treats all patients, whether they are covered by statutory or private insurance. Since its foundation by the Schoen family in 1985, the company has focused on quality and excellence through specialisation. Its medical specialities are mental health, orthopaedics, neurology, surgery and internal medicine. At 26 locations in Bavaria, Hamburg, Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia, Schleswig-Holstein and Great Britain, 10,600 employees treat around 300,000 patients annually. Schoen Clinic has and continues, to measure treatment results in the interest of achieving the best patient outcomes.

For more information, visit www.schoen-clinic.co.uk or contact:

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