1st July, 2019

Schoen Clinic London - delighted to be awarded a ‘Good’ rating by the CQC within first year of operating

Within just seven months of opening, Schoen Clinic London has been rated ‘Good‘ in all domains by the Care Quality Commisson (CQC). Now the leadership team and staff have set out ambitious plans for the future based on patient and CQC feedback, their employed consultant model and continual performance assessment. 

Erin Shaffer, Hospital Director of Schoen Clinic London explains: We are incredibly proud of this achievement. The hospital opened its doors August 2018 and we already have an excellent foundation on which to build our future.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality orthopaedic and spine care based on a unique model of specialisation, transparent outcome measurement, exceptional consultant relationships and provision of senior consultant delivered ward care. Whilst a combination not seen elsewhere, we consider it to be the future of UK private acute healthcare provision.

The CQC identified two areas of outstanding practice

The first area commended by the CQC for outstanding practice was the employment of consultant intensivists who cover the day-to-day care of patients on the wards and PACU. The CQC pointed out this differs from other private providers, where this care is usually managed by middle-grade doctors. The consultant intensivists at Schoen Clinic London provide 24-hour support and were noted by the CQC for having “substantial years of experience in caring for deteriorating patients across a broad range of specialities, with enhanced skills in early diagnosis and management of complications and comorbidities. This meant a higher level of support for patients post-operatively.”

The second area the CQC identified as outstanding practice was in surgery and the use of virtual reality (VR) headsets for patients undergoing procedures under local anaesthetic or spinal anaesthetics. They are used to relax and reduce stress and anxiety for the patient, without the need for extra sedation or general anaesthetic. The headsets contained a range of movies, documentaries and environments appropriate to the age and preferences of the patient.

The CQC praised the employed consultant model

Unlike any other private hospital in the UK, Schoen Clinic London operates an employed orthopaedic and spinal consultant model.  This  enables greater accountability and collaboration, values that were recognised and praised by the CQC.

“Fantastic” staff

Staff were praised by the CQC for having a caring, compassionate and sensitive manner. Patients who spoke to the CQC described staff as “fantastic” and were consistently positive about the care they received. The CQC were impressed by  multiple examples of feedback praising the kind, considerate and respectful attitudes of staff.

Continually assessing performance

The CQC positivitely recognised the hospital uses audits to benchmark their outcomes against other, service providers. For example, data from the National Joint Registry (NJR) demonstrated that consultants employed by the clinic performed a high volume of specialist orthopaedic procedures and they had consistently lower revision rates than their peer group. These audits enable Schoen Clinic London to strive for continuous improvement in its aim to be recognised as outstanding across all domains.

Schoen Clinic London provides specialist orthopaedic and spine care, with 39 inpatient rooms, five PACU rooms, three laminar flow theatres and a modern outpatient suite.

CQC is the independent regulator of health and adult social care in England. The commissioners monitor, inspect and regulate the quality of care delivered by providers to ensure that it is safe, effective, caring, responsive & well-led

Find full CQC Report here: https://www.cqc.org.uk/location/1-5596586975/reports

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