Dr Rebecca Trikić

Schoen Clinic Newbridge Birmingham

Strategic Lead for Psychology - Eating Disorders


Dr Trikić is a Counselling Psychologist at Schoen Clinic Newbridge caring for our children, teens and young people undergoing treatment for eating disorders.

She is registered with the Health Care and Professions Council (HCPC) with over 15 years’ experience working with children, young people and adults experiencing a range of mental and physical health difficulties. 

Dr Trikić has worked both in the NHS and private sector, including community and inpatient services. Dr Trikić has worked for Schoen Clinic for ten years. She was the lead psychologist at Schoen Clinic Newbridge for three years. She now is the strategic lead for psychology and works across the three Schoen Clinic locations. Dr Trikić completes psychology assessments and offers individual psychotherapy, supervision and consultation. She also works on the ARFID assessment pathway.

Dr Trikić is warm, approachable and shows great dedication and commitment to her patients and team members. She is extremely supportive and builds strong therapeutic relationships, keeping the psychological formulation and the patient's goals at the forefront of her work.  has worked at Schoen Clinic Newbridge for over 8 years and leads the psychology department consisting of assistant psychologists, CBT therapists and art psychotherapists.

Dr Trikić also completes psychology assessments, offers individual psychotherapy, supervision and consultation across all Schoen Clinic UK sites.


Areas of expertise

Eating disorders

  • Anorexia
  • Bulimia

Mental health

  • Trauma
  • Autism