Mr Sam Rajaratnam

Mr Sam Rajaratnam

Schoen Clinic Orthopaedic & Spinal Hospital London - The LaingBuisson Hospital of the Year 2019.

Head of Department - Knee

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon
FRCS (Tr&Orth)


Medical secretary contact details:
Tel: +44 20 3494 4010

Areas of Expertise

  • Knee replacement surgery – total, uni-compartmental and revision
  • Soft tissue and ligament injuries of the knee – day-case ACL, PCL and multi-ligament reconstruction
  • Cartilage repair and biological solutions in the knee – including meniscal repair, joint preservation and stem cell procedures when appropriate
  • Knee surgery with the ROSA® Knee System

Mr Rajaratnam is a leading Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon specialising in all aspects of knee surgery. He is Head of Department - Knee Surgery at Schoen Clinic London and oversees a world-class multidisciplinary team providing the latest care in treating disorders of the knee joint. Mr Rajaratnam has the following sub-speciality interests within Knee Surgery:

Joint Replacement Surgery

Mr Rajaratnam is internationally renowned as one of the leading knee surgeons in the UK, having performed close to 4000 Knee Replacement operations over his career. He has championed the concept of "Rapid Recovery and Enhanced pain relief" following joint replacement surgery, and lectures internationally on the subject. He performs amongst the highest number of knee replacements each year on the UK National Joint Registration, (approximately 400 knee replacements annually) with excellent and transparent outcomes. See the graph.

The UK National Joint Registry (the leading joint registry in the world) regularly publishes data on Consultant Specific Revision Rates, where any implant that has been revised due to a complication is logged and monitored. Mr Rajaratnam has one of the lowest revision rates (ie. best results over the last 5 years) on the UK NJR. See the graph.

He is an expert on the latest rapid recovery techniques following knee surgery and has assembled a team of Intensive Care Consultants, Specialist Nurse Practitioners, Sports and Exercise Medicine Consultants, and Physiotherapists to work together to achieve optimal results. The latest joint replacement techniques he performs include both partial and full surface replacements and innovative techniques in patient-specific 3D printed customised alignment methods for the accurate fitting of knee implants. He also has an interest in Robotic Surgery.

Soft Tissue Knee Injury

Mr Rajaratnam is a fellowship-trained Soft Tissue Knee surgeon and treats numerous professional and amateur sportsmen with soft tissue knee injuries. His clientele includes Professional Footballers, Actors and high profile individuals. He has an interest in "day case ACL reconstructions", and performs approximately 100 ACL reconstructions each year, where patients are able to comfortably walk out of hospital within 6 hours of their operation. He is one of the chosen surgeons for the Professional Football Association (PFA) and is on the faculty of the Isokinetic FIFA Football Medicine Conference.

He is excited about the advances in stem cell and biological solutions for treating appropriate cartilage defects in the knee but is very careful in selecting the appropriate patient for each new technique, so as to practice proven and transparent evidence-based medicine.

Training and Awards

  • Mr Rajaratnam trained at Guy’s and St Thomas’s Hospital in London and qualified with a First Class degree in Anatomy and an MBBS in 1997.
  • Further higher surgical training via the Royal College of Surgeons - England at numerous centres of excellence in the UK and fellowship training in Knee Injury treatment in Sydney, Australia.
  • In 2006 Mr Rajaratnam was awarded the Walter Mercer Gold Medal for the best performance throughout Great Britain and Ireland in the final FRCS orthopaedics examination. This is the "most prestigious award" that a UK-trained orthopaedic surgeon can achieve, before becoming a Consultant Surgeon.
  • British Orthopaedic Association Ambassador to Hong Kong in 2007 and working in Sydney, Australia, at some of the world’s best knee injury units.
  • Appointed as a Consultant Surgeon in the UK in 2008, and now enjoys an excellent international reputation as a leading knee surgeon.
  • Mr Rajaratnam lectures internationally on advances in knee surgery and has been a Senior Trainer to the London and Kent, Sussex and Surrey Deaneries in the past training Specialist Registrars in Orthopaedic Surgery.

ROSA® Robotic Knee Replacement - Mr Rajaratnam discusses using robotic technology for knee replacement surgery.

Watch the video to learn the driving factors behind Mr Rajaratnam's decision to utilise robotic technology; see the process, benefits and patient videos following robotically-assisted surgery. Read several patient stories below or find out more about the ROSA® Knee System here.

Patient Stories - Following ROSA® Robotic Knee Replacement

  • Nick, a 68-year-old avid cricket player
  • Tom, who has always led an active life and years of sport left him with no cartilage on his knee
  • Lee, an ultra-marathon runner who is back to running following a knee replacement

Recent Patient Feedback
"As and when I have to have my left knee done, I’m not going anywhere else other than Schoen Clinic. All wonderfully done. Sam is an absolute hero and I’m very grateful to him and the clinic for the way everyone looked after me. I just wish I could give a party to thank everybody. Thank you to everybody, I couldn’t be more grateful."

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