Alleviating the weight of depression

We will work with you to identify how depression affects you and locate the best treatment options available to you. This maybe on a group or 1-1 basis dependent on your needs. We follow evidence based practice and follow NICE Guidelines and will also find out whether you feel safe or whether there are associated risks which require us to develop a safety plan with you.

At Schoen Clinic Chelsea we provide a very comprehensive and holistic range of interventions and support. This means we are able to find the necessary support and mechanisms for your personal recovery.

Treatment for depression is either talking therapy, medication, or a combination of the two.

Conservative treatment methods

  • Treatment through medication
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT

  • Psychotherapeutic group sessions

Treatment through medication

For moderate and severe depression, supportive medicinal treatment with antidepressants is often helpful. Our specialist Consultant Psychiatrist can review your medication and monitor the efficacy of your treatment. Antidepressant medication can provide you with help for your physical symptoms and mood. Sometimes medication doesn’t seem to work, it can take some time to take effect.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) aims to help you challenge and restructure unhelpful thinking styles that you experience about yourself, others and the world. As well as looking at the behaviours you are engaging in that may be unhelpful.

Schema therapy helps you understand the underlying emotional patterns that keep you stuck in a current or repeated depression.

Through psychotherapy, we work together with you to develop starting points for positive changes in your life.

Therapy elements include:

  • Creating positive and enjoyable activities and experiences
  • Changing distorted, predominantly negative or pessimistic thought patterns
  • Practising social skills for better relationships with other people
  • (Re)building social contacts
  • Creating strategies for solving problems
  • Sport therapy and physiotherapeutic measures
  • Mindfulness training

Psychotherapeutic group sessions

At Schoen Clinic, there are numerous psychotherapeutic group sessions available – your therapist will select the groups suitable for you as part of your personal therapy plan.

  • Coping with depression group: Here you will learn how depression affects you as a person as well as your interpersonal relationships. The group facilitator will encourage participants to explore their thoughts and feelings and the issues they feel troubled with. These supportive groups help you to become more self-aware and enable you to try out skills in a safe environment.
  • Mindfulness therapy: Sometimes people experiencing depression will also experience worry and anxiety. Mindfulness not only helps you focus on the now and remind you of the simpler more natural things in life but also help you refocus away from negative and intrusive thoughts.