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Frequently Asked Questions

If you need support with an eating disorder, we're here to help. We understand that if you're taking the first steps towards recovery yourself, or if you're worried about a family member or a loved one, you're bound to have some questions along the way.

We've compiled some of our frequently asked questions below but should you need any further assistance, our caring team is available and happy to help guide you through the process.

Schoen Clinic York is an adult inpatient and outpatient service for adults experiencing eating disorders and their associated problems.

Our approach uses a recovery focussed pathway model which includes physical stabilisation, life skills, improving self-awareness and self-care and group and individual therapy sessions. We help patients to transfer those skills for long-term recovery outside of our hospital environment, preparing for a healthy and fulfilled life back in their local community.

We foster an atmosphere which is non-judgmental, caring, safe, curious and empathetic; empowering patients to explore their sense of self, their difficulties and their relationships.

We want to treat you fully and effectively so you can return to your home, family and friends as soon as possible. We constantly assess how you are getting on and we start planning for your discharge at an early stage.

We specialise in treating adults with eating disorders and their associated mental health difficulties.

£995 per night for private inpatient treatment and initial clinical assessments are complementary.

Private daycare treatment costs (where you are well enough to return home each evening) are:

  • Full day: £550
  • One full day a week - 4 week package: £1,995
  • Two full days a week - 4 week package: £3,995
  • Three full days a week - 4 week package: £5,995
  • Four full days a week - 4 week package: £7,995
  • Five full days a week - 4 week package: £9,995

Treatment can be accessed using health insurance, you can fund your own treatment or sometimes the NHS can fund treatment.

Your GP or other health professional can arrange private and NHS referrals to Schoen Clinic York. 

Yes of course. Please speak to the team locally for current visiting hours.

Yes. As our patients work through the treatment programme, time away from Schoen Clinic York and weekend leave become part of the treatment model.

It is helpful to bring:

  • Individually labelled clothes for daytime, night time and outdoors
  • Wash bag and toiletries
  • Your own duvet, pillow and covers 
  • Posters and pictures for your room 
  • Books and magazines
  • Any portable devices for your room
  • If you have hobbies you enjoy, for example craft or writing, it is a good idea to bring whatever you need
  • It is useful if you bring in telephone numbers and addresses of the people you need to be in contact with while you are at Schoen Clinic York

Like all healthcare facilities, we have enhanced safety protocols in place in line with government guidelines for the protection of our colleagues and patients. Please speak to the local team for the latest information.