4th April, 2019

The bunion had to go

Bunions also known as hallux valgus are a painful protuberance of bone on the inside of the forefoot.

Graham Clayton, a retired journalist from London, was an avid traveller until an existing bunion hindered a trip away with his wife. He says: “For many years I had a bunion on my left foot which for most of the time was not a problem. In April (2018) my wife and I went on holiday to a large city which we really wanted to explore. Almost immediately on arrival, the bunion became a problem and we had to limit our explorations. I decided then that the bunion had to go!”

Graham had an initial consultation, with Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon,  Mr Kumar Kunasingam before coming to Schoen Clinic London where his procedure took place.

Graham describes Mr Kunasingam as “friendly and an expert in his field” saying: “I was immediately impressed by Mr Kunasingam. I had the procedure on Friday morning, and with the aid of a walking stick, I left the clinic that afternoon. I was seen again the following Friday by which time I had no need for the walking stick. When the bandages were removed that afternoon I was surprised to see although the foot was swollen there were hardly any scars, and at no time did I have to use the painkillers I had been given.”

The technique Mr Kunasingam performed is known as minimally invasive surgery (MIS) bunion surgery. This surgery is a less painful approach to bunion surgery and allows for faster recovery times. By using a small series of cuts scarring is also significantly less in most open surgeries. As a result, there is an obvious cosmetic benefit but also with smaller incisions there is less risk of infection.

Since the operation, Graham is now back walking without pain again. He says: “After five weeks I was walking entirely normal without limitations. The matter of the bunion has been consigned to history!”

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