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The largest family-run hospital group in Germany, now with four specialist locations in the UK. Schoen Clinic is renowned for providing world-class medical excellence through specialisation, multi-disciplinary care and a data-driven approach to quality and patient outcomes.

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Our team advance their careers in a custom-designed hospital with colleagues who are experts in their field. They have exciting clinical and administrative opportunities in an environment that focuses on quality patient care.
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Self-paying Patients

More and more people now choose to pay for the treatment they need. They recognise the advantages of private treatment for choice of consultant, speed of access and privacy.

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Insured Patients

Your medical insurance can be used to access private treatment at Schoen Clinic. We offer individual attention from expert consultants in unparalleled facilities.

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International patients

As a hospital group we have extensive experience in caring for patients from across the globe, with dedicated liaison managers based in our hospitals to support our international patients and their extended families during their stay.

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Our hospitals employ internationally recognised and respected consultants, who are at the cutting-edge of research into surgical techniques and conservative care of patients.
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10th December, 2018
Frozen Shoulder Causes, Symptoms & Treatment in detail

Frozen shoulder is a common shoulder disease and its incidence is estimated to be 2–5% in the population.

14th November, 2018
Bunion treatment through keyhole surgery/minimally invasive surgery

Today I'm writing about one that isn't true! The myth of high heels causing bunions!

27th August, 2018
Research from Schoen Clinic has made the work of surgeons even safer

A study into how accidental injuries to the nerve membrane affects healing and treatment results.

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Schoen Clinic is world renowned for offering patients rapid assessment, expert diagnosis, better outcomes and faster recovery times. All our locations have the same standards of excellence in treatment, facilities and quality care.
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