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UK hospitals rated 'Good' or 'Outstanding' by the Care Quality Commission
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Part of a leading international hospital group treating over 300,000 patients every year, and the LaingBuisson Hospital Group of the Year 2020


The Schön Klinik Group was founded in 1985 and has since developed into one of Germany's largest privately-owned hospital groups, currently treating 300,000+ patients annually at 45 hospitals and clinic facilities across Germany and the UK. The group also includes the leading online telemedicine clinic: MindDoc.

Schoen Clinic entered the UK healthcare market in 2017 providing award-winning, expert-led private healthcare specialising only in certain areas of medicine – now private mental healthcare and private eating disorder treatments at Schoen Clinic Chelsea, Schoen Clinic Newbridge in Birmingham and Schoen Clinic York.

Our shared Purpose is to provide the best individualised specialist care, helping people feel better and recover faster.

We are already widely regarded as having some of the best private mental health and eating disorder hospitals in the UK.

We understand that every patient is unique and experiences their health condition in their own unique way. So, our treatment plans are bespoke, to meet the individual needs of each patient and because we specialise in specific areas of medicine, we perfect every angle of what we do in those areas.

We were the first UK independent sector healthcare organisation to directly employ many of our Consultants, allowing them to work in multidisciplinary teams (unique in private healthcare), ensuring the patient benefits from the clinical opinion of a number of leading experts.

Our clinicians are widely regarded as leaders in the fields of mental health conditions and eating disorders treatments and our aim to provide the best possible private mental healthcare, driven by clinical outcome and research data.

All our UK private mental health hospitals and clinics are rated 'Good' or 'Outstanding' by the Care Quality Commission and are open all year round.


Schoen Clinic Newbridge offers private short-term inpatient support for children and teens with disordered eating.


Schoen Clinic Newbridge named 'Best in Healthcare Outcomes' at the prestigious LaingBuisson Awards 2023.


Schoen Clinic York offers private short-term inpatient support for adults with disordered eating.


Schoen Clinic Newbridge featured in the BBC3 documentary - Zara McDermott: Disordered Eating.


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Schoen Clinic UK Group are proud members of this important UK charity.

Specialist mental healthcare for people of all ages including children and teens

At Schoen Clinic UK, we are dedicated to providing exceptional mental health care tailored to individuals of all ages. While our mental health services extend to adults, we also specialise in delivering expert private children's mental health services. Our clinics and hospitals offer a comprehensive range of evidence-based therapies to support individuals with a range of mental health conditions and eating disorders, driven by a commitment to delivering clinical outcome excellence.

When it comes to younger patients, we understand the unique challenges both they and their families face and our team of experienced specialists are experienced in delivering care with sensitivity and delicacy. Our approach to treatment is highly specialised and holistic, encompassing both emotional and physical well-being, ensuring every patient receives personalised care.

How much does private mental healthcare cost?

At Schoen Clinic UK, we believe in providing easily accessible mental health care treatment options. The cost of our mental health and eating disorder treatments varies based on individual need and recommended treatment plans.

Our patients have the flexibility to use private insurance or simply self-fund care with us.

For those with private insurance, our team assists in navigating the process of using insurance, ensuring a smooth and straightforward experience. We work closely with all leading insurance providers to facilitate coverage for eligible treatments, making high-quality healthcare more accessible.

For self-funding patients, we offer clear and competitive pricing allowing patients to explore treatment options without compromise.

Our priority is to provide exceptional mental healthcare treatment and support, regardless of funding method.

Dedicated mental healthcare facilities to help you get better

Our commitment to providing exceptional private mental health care extends to children, teens and adults with a range of specialised facilities designed exclusively to support their treatment journey.

  • Specialised treatment rooms: Each of our locations is equipped with specially designed treatment rooms which offer a safe and comfortable space for individuals to engage in therapeutic sessions with our expert mental health and eating disorder specialists.
  • Large outdoor spaces: Our inpatient hospitals are complemented by large outdoor spaces, allowing patients opportunities for relaxation, reflection and rejuvenation as part of our holistic treatment approach.
  • Comfortable lounges and social spaces: We understand the importance of social connection and support during the recovery journey. Our facilities feature multiple lounge areas and social spaces, where patients can interact, share experiences and build a sense of community.
  • Inpatient and outpatient care: Our highly specialised services encompass both inpatient and outpatient care, ensuring patients receive the level of support best suited to their needs. For children and young people requiring inpatient care, our bedrooms are designed with their unique requirements in mind, providing a nurturing and secure environment for recovery.
  • Tailored care for children and young people: Our team of dedicated professionals are extensively experienced in providing care for children, teens and adolescents, considering their developmental needs and creating a nurturing atmosphere to promote growth and healing.

At Schoen Clinic UK, we specialise solely in mental health and eating disorder treatment. This allows us to maintain an unwavering focus on delivering the highest standard of care in these critical areas.

We're committed to going beyond traditional care facilities to create a truly supportive and transformative treatment environment.

Our hospitals and clinics provide environments intended to help patients feel safe and at home. Every aspect of our facilities is designed to complement the expertise of our clinicians, enhancing the wellbeing and recovery of those seeking our care.

Mental health and eating disorder treatment specialists

As leaders in private mental health care, we have built our facilities around the core focus of delivering compassionate and effective treatment for individuals seeking support on their mental health journey.

Our team comprises highly skilled professionals who are specialists in mental health and eating disorder treatment. With their extensive expertise, they provide personalised care and evidence-based treatment plans, tailored to each individual.

Our treatment plans are meticulously crafted to address the complexities of mental health conditions and eating disorders.

We prioritise highly specialised, holistic healing - encompassing emotional, psychological and physical wellbeing.

Our commitment to private mental healthcare ensures patients receive dedicated attention, prompt access to treatment and personalised support throughout their recovery journey.

With our specialised focus and expert staff, Schoen Clinic UK is a trusted destination for exceptional mental health treatment.




Schoen Clinic UK specialises in mental health conditions and eating disorders.