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Our highly specialised outpatient clinic for mental health in London provides help and treatment for young people and adults suffering from eating disorders and adults with anxiety and mood disorders.

We are widely regarded as one of the best eating disorder and mental health clinics in London.

At our Chelsea mental health clinic, we understand that everyone who comes through our doors experiences mental health problems differently. That’s why our treatment is tailored to the needs of both our patients and their families and is always based on the latest clinical research.

We use a mixture of one-to-one therapy, group therapies and intensive day treatment programmes for eating disorders and anxiety and mood disorders. At our mental health clinic in London, we'll get you on the road to recovery in the most effective way for the type of person you are.

Whether you’re looking for an eating disorder therapist, depression specialist or anything in between in London, we’re here to help you.


If you don't have health insurance, you can self-fund your private mental health treatment at our London clinic.


We are recognised by all health insurers. All you need to access our private mental health service in London is your pre-authorisation number (from your insurer).


Our highly specialised London eating disorder service based at our London mental health clinic helps young people with eating disorders get on the road to recovery. If you’re looking for specialist anorexia or bulimia treatments in London, we can help.


Our highly specialised day treatment programme helps adults with anxiety and depression disorders get back on the road to recovery. Whether you’re looking for anxiety therapy or cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) in London, we can help you to get your life back on track at our mental health clinic in West London.


If you're looking to further your career with leaders in the field of mental health treatment, supporting people with eating disorders, anixety or mood disorders, come and join our award winning team. 


Find the perfect expert for you from our top London mental health and eating disorder specialists.

What conditions do we offer help and treatment for at our private London mental health clinic?

Start your treatment journey today. For fast access to exceptional private healthcare at Schoen Clinic Chelsea, you can use your health insurance or simply fund your own treatment. Call our caring team direct on +44 20 4571 6312 or email us today.

What therapies do we offer at our private mental health service in London?

Our mental health treatment programmes at our private mental health clinic in London combine a number of evidence-based approaches to assist the recovery process, including:

  • Group psychotherapy
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • Talking therapies
  • Dance movement therapy
  • Assertiveness
  • Dietetic support
  • Mindfulness

Our Compassionate Mind group has also been very successful in helping our patients to confront their feelings and, ultimately, find ways to address their greatest difficulties in life.

Our Care Quality Commission (CQC) rating

Schoen Clinic Chelsea is wholly committed to raising awareness of mental health problems and improving the lives of people affected by them. In our most recent Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspection report, our London outpatient mental health clinic received a prestigious 'Good' rating in all areas.

Specialising in anxiety, mood and eating disorders, we have been commended by the CQC inspectors for receiving "overwhelmingly positive" comments from patients and their parents, who "praised the service highly" for the standard of care.

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How to find our London mental health clinic

Schoen Clinic Centre for Mental Health Chelsea

13a Radnor Walk,
London, SW3 4BP

(Nearest Tube Station: Sloane Square)

Why choose us as your private mental health service in London?

Our multidisciplinary team (MDT) approach means that you’ll always receive the care of a team of experts throughout your recovery process when you choose our Chelsea mental health clinic.

With us, you’ll benefit from the expertise of psychotherapists, dietitians, psychiatrists and counselling psychologists all working together towards one goal: getting you better again.

We provide award-winning specialised private mental healthcare

Because of our specialist care and personalised service, the excellent work of our mental health specialists has been recognised with the following awards and accolades:



Watch our latest clinic video, featuring our own colleagues. 

Frequently asked questions

If you experience mental health problems, you are not alone. With one in six UK adults experiencing a mental health problem each year, it’s much more common than you’d think.

There's a range of different reasons why you might be struggling with your mental health or for some people, there may be no explanation at all as to why you feel the way that you do. Some of the factors at play include:

  • Genes - If you have a close family member that suffers from mental health troubles, you may experience similar feelings due to your genetics. This may be hereditary or it could be because you have grown up around people with mental health issues and have picked up their behaviours. Having certain personality traits can also make you more likely to experience mental health problems. For example, if you suffer from low self-esteem or a lack of confidence, this can sometimes give rise to a mental health condition.
  • Stressful life events - If you’re going through a period of change or a stressful life event, it’s normal to feel anxious or worried. However, if you’re finding that you’re struggling to come to terms with what’s happened or don’t have the right support, this may be negatively impacting your mental health. Whether you’ve recently lost your job, are going through a divorce or are dealing with any other stressful life event, we can help at our Chelsea clinic.
  • Your physical health - If you’re suffering from a chronic or life-threatening physical condition, you may be more likely to experience poor mental health. Whether you’ve been given a difficult diagnosis or you’re finding it difficult to cope with your condition, getting the right support is crucial for your recovery.


Mental health conditions can be debilitating, so it’s important to seek help if you’re struggling. Some tell-tale signs that you should seek professional help include:

  • Constant feelings of worry, sadness or anxiety
  • Your feelings are having a negative impact on your quality of life
  • Struggling to find enjoyment in things that used to bring you joy
  • Thinking about hurting yourself or others
  • If you're worried about a child experiencing disordered eating
  • If you have disordered eating and want to regain control of your life

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, it’s important to seek professional help. At our Chelsea clinic, our team of experienced and compassionate experts are on hand to help you. No matter if you’re unsure where to turn or you’re looking for a specialist eating disorder therapist in London, we’re here to help you to feel like you again.

Our private mental health clinic in London provides you with the latest, evidence-based therapies and treatments to speed up your recovery.

Yes, we do.

Here at Schoen Clinic Chelsea, we understand that mental health can affect people of all ages and we can treat young people from 11 years upwards with disordered eating or diagnosed eating disorders.

At our private mental health clinic in London, we’re committed to providing evidence-based support and treatment for young people suffering from eating disorders and their associated mental health problems. Using the most advanced treatment methods, our world-class experts enable young people to overcome their eating disorder.

As a dedicated private eating disorder and anorexia clinic in London, we have the expertise to support people of all ages who are experiencing an eating disorder.

Our team of multidisciplinary experts work together to help you to return to healthy eating habits by empowering you to improve your body image using a specialised mix of group and one-to-one therapies.

Providing targeted anorexia and bulimia treatment in our private London clinic, we have all the facilities you need for recovery from an eating disorder. You’ll visit our state-of-the-art treatment centre that comes complete with clean, modern consultation rooms and a fully functional training kitchen we use on our leading care pathway supporting your journey to recovery.

At our private mental health clinic in London, we offer a range of treatment plans to suit your needs.

If you’re seeking private counselling or comprehensive treatment from an private mental health service in London, we have a range of plans tailored to you to treat common mental health conditions including social anxiety, ADHD, panic attacks, depression, low-mood, PTSD, ADD, psychological trauma and much more.

We offer:

  • Private outpatient mental health treatment – With our specialist outpatient care, you’ll visit our Chelsea mental health clinic every week for a therapy session with one of our specialists.
  • Private day treatment programmes – When you choose to embark on a daycare programme with us, you’ll visit our clinic for a few days each week for an intensive therapy course.

Access the care you need at our leading London private eating disorder and mental health clinic

Nestled in a discreet location in the heart of London, our private outpatient mental health clinic provides a bright, modern environment, with six consulting rooms, three group therapy rooms, a large patient lounge, a relaxation area and a fully fitted modern training kitchen to help rehabilitate patients with eating disorders.

Our private mental health services are best suited to patients who do not require inpatient care but are in need of specialised treatment. Consultations and therapy sessions are accessible both online and in the clinic.

The journey to starting treatment at Schoen Clinic Chelsea is easy, the process follows these simple steps;

1. Getting started
If you’re self-funding treatment, you can book an appointment, free triage call or assessment and a referral will be required from your GP or healthcare professional as it contains essential information about your medical history. Patients using private health insurance will need approval from their insurance company and an authorisation code before an appointment can be made.
2. Book an appointment, assessment or free triage call
Call our caring team on +44 20 4571 6315 or you can contact us using our online form.
3. Attend our clinic
If you are suitable for treatment with us, an appointment will be made for you to come into the clinic and a bespoke treatment plan will be made for you with the most appropriate expert.
4. Treatment begins
This will be arranged as soon as possible after your consultation, usually at a time to suit you.