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Comments, compliments and complaints

Your feedback is important to us

Serious Conversation

We are committed to delivering safe, high quality, cost-effective healthcare

Schoen Clinic is dedicated to providing everyone who comes into our care specialised, safe, high-quality, cost-effective care.

We will do everything we can to make your treatment with us is as comfortable as possible and to give you outstanding personal and professional care.


We hope you have no concerns about the care you receive but if you do, we are here to resolve things as quickly as possible for you.

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Share your experience

We appreciate all feedback we receive from our patients and visitors. Positive reviews can really help others who may be considering treatment.

Your feedback

We will do our best to ensure the time you spend with us is as comfortable as possible and provide you with excellent personal and professional care. Despite our best efforts, sometimes things may not go exactly as planned and we welcome feedback regarding any aspect of the care and service that you, your family or others experience. 

If you do encounter any problems, however small, we ask that you tell us as soon as possible. Please highlight any concerns as soon as they arise, rather than waiting, so we can resolve these in a timely fashion.

Where things need to be improved, you can make a comment or provide feedback at any time and to any member of our team. We would encourage you to do this at the earliest opportunity, as most issues can be resolved quickly and informally. You can do this at any time from the beginning of your relationship with us until 28 days from realising that there is a problem. This time limit can be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, as we consider every issue individually.

How to make a complaint

If you feel that your feedback has not resolved the issue to your satisfaction, you may choose to make a formal complaint. Our complaints policy ensures that your concerns are investigated and you are given a full and prompt reply.

Any complaint that we receive is treated in confidence. We undertake to investigate all complaints courteously and sympathetically and to provide a rapid response within nationally recognised timelines.

Taking Notes

Making a verbal complaint

You can make a verbal complaint to any one of our colleagues. Or you can speak to the manager directly as they are always happy to help, or ask to see the senior person on duty. It’s a good idea to make a note of when your complaint was made and who you spoke with. The department manager will attempt to resolve your concerns immediately. If this is not possible, your concerns will be investigated further.

The investigation will be completed within 2 working days if you are in hospital. If you have been discharged, you will receive a letter acknowledging receipt of your complaint within 3 working days and a full response within 20 working days from the Hospital Director.

Making a complaint by post

It is helpful to put all formal complaints in writing. If your complaint is about a member of our clinical team, you should address your complaint to: 

Schoen Clinic Chelsea

The Clinic Director
Schoen Clinic Chelsea
13a Radnor Walk

Schoen Clinic Newbridge

The Hospital Director
Schoen Clinic Newbridge
147 Chester Road

Streetly, Sutton Coldfield

B74 3NE

Schoen Clinic York

The Hospital Director
Schoen Clinic York
Minster Grange
Haxby Road
YO31 8TA

Our online complaints and feedback form

Please fill in our online contact form if you wish to feedback to us. You can choose to be notified by email, phone or post that your feedback has been received. You will receive confirmation quicker if you chose to be notified by email, otherwise the procedure for postal letters will apply (please see above).

Thanks for reaching out to us here at Schoen Clinic, we'll be in touch soon!

What happens if I am not happy with the response?

Our aim is to deal with your complaint as quickly as possible at clinic level. If you are not happy with our response, please inform the Clinic or Hospital Director and explain why.

If you are dissatisfied with this response, you can ask for an internal appeal as stage 2. You will need to do this within 6 months of the date of the final written response from the Clinic or Hospital Director.

If you are dissatisfied with the internal appeal and the decision of the UK Managing Director, you have the right to refer your complaint for an independent review. Details are below.

The complaints process: step-by-step

The complaints procedure has 3 stages and involves the following people and/or organisations:

2. Internal Appeal

Your complaint will be the responsibility of the UK Managing Director.

3. Independent External Adjudication

If you are dissatisfied with the internal appeal and the decision of the Managing Director, you have the right to refer your complaint for an independent review.

You must write to the Independent Sector Complaints Adjudication Service (ISCAS) Secretariat within 6 months of the final decision of the facility's internal review. The Secretariat will then raise the complaint with the facility within 10 working days of receipt. Once received, the facility will send all the relevant information to the Secretariat.

You can request an independent adjudication of Schoen Clinic’s decision by writing to:

Independent Sector Complaints Adjudication Service
100 St Paul’s Churchyard


1. Local Resolution

At this level, your complaint will be handled by the clinic’s Senior Management Team and Clinic or Hospital Director.

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