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Relationship therapy & couples counselling

Private relationship counselling in London at Schoen Clinic Chelsea

Relationships have ups and downs, but sometimes interpersonal challenges can take a toll on your emotional and physical wellbeing.

If you find yourself facing challenges in your personal connections are grappling with difficulties in your relationships, or are dealing with processing a past relationship effectively, our experienced team is here to offer support and guidance to help you move on with life.

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What is couples or relationship therapy?

Relationship counselling, also known as couples counselling or marriage therapy aims to help both individuals and couples determine, address and comfortably resolve issues they face within their interpersonal relationships. Counselling provides a safe and confidential space for both parties to explore their thoughts, feelings, and concerns, with the guidance of a trained therapist who will carve out a way forward and nurture honest and open communication for the best results. The primary goal is to enhance communication, improve understanding of one another, and develop healthier ways of continuing a loving relationship.

Counselling for couples can be complex and involve multiple therapy types, commonly talking therapies but also behavioural interventions, and skill-building and coping exercises. Your therapist will work with you to identify specific needs and identify what needs to happen to have a successful outcome for all parties.

At Schoen Clinic in Chelsea, we understand the complexities that can arise in relationships, and our compassionate team provides a safe and confidential space for both individuals and couples seeking help to navigate through relationship issues. Find out more about what relationship counselling entails below, and let us help you on the way to a happier life.

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Get in touch with our private mental health clinic in London if you'd like to book a couples counselling session

If you're looking for specialised couples counselling in London, please reach out to our caring team today. We have appointments available in as little as 24 hours so you can begin treatment with minimal wait.

To access private treatment as swiftly as possible, simply fill out our online pre-screening questionnaire at any time to suit you.

How much does relationship therapy or couples counselling cost?

The cost of different types of treatment, therapy or support will vary. See our full breakdown of our prices and funding options for more information or specific costs.

Types of relationship therapy

As both you and your partner's past relationship experiences, as well as the situation in your current relationship are unique to you both, counselling should be bespoke to meet your unique needs.

At Schoen Clinic we create personalised treatment plans to get to the root causes of any issues you may be facing, often employing multiple types of therapy, but most often:

Talking therapies such as couples therapy will focus on your interpersonal relationship and will need both of you in attendance. As the name suggests, they're for you both to open up about your needs and challenges, and reach resolution through open communication.

Individual counselling can work with you individually to address challenges you might be having within the relationship. This type of counselling is more focussed on you, and your own thoughts and emotions, and the impact these have on the relationship as a whole.

Other more specialist types of therapy include emotionally focussed therapy, which targets emotional responses and patterns to stimuli, to nurture more secure bonds, as well as sexual therapists to hone in on specific intimacy issues. There are dozens of therapeutic techniques borrowing from an array of evidence-based research and techniques, but your counsellor will talk you through the focus, format of a session, and desired outcomes during your consultations.

If you're considering couples therapy and have questions about the next steps, or specific concerns not addressed here, get in touch and one of our caring and discreet team will be happy to help.

Who is couples relationship counselling for?

Counselling can be beneficial to most people, whether it's to help them communicate more openly and effectively, or for those who are experiencing challenges or seeking to enhance their relationships. We meet couples and individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds, relationship stages, and life experiences, so we know how to deal with your situation compassionately. Some of the types of relationships that often seek counselling are:

Couples experiencing challenges

Those who are experiencing trust problems, conflict or communication breakdowns in their relationship can benefit from counselling to resolve issues before they become excessively severe.

Premarital counselling

Those considering a long-term future together can benefit from counselling to explore and address any significant issues before making financial and legal commitments to one another. We also often see newlyweds, who might struggle to adapt to the new adjustments that married life can bring.

Those considering, or recently separated/divorced

This may be an attempt to salvage the relationship or to ‘move on’ and find the ability to trust in relationships again or continue with life.

Long-term partners

Those who have been together for an extended period may benefit from relationship counselling to improve communication, address ongoing issues no matter how small or rekindle earlier ‘spark’ from relationships before they develop into more significant concerns.

Family issues included blended families

Couples in blended families, or just those going through familial changes with children or growing teens, or those with infertility issues may find relationship counselling helpful in managing the complexities of blending different or changing family dynamics.

Preventative counselling

Counselling can be beneficial to open up about problems or issues before they arise. Maintain a strong and healthy relationship by considering counselling as a preventive measure and a way to focus on improved communication and relationship strengthening.

Reasons why someone might seek professional relationship counselling help

Reaching out to start counselling sessions might seem daunting, but it's a positive step towards a healthier relationship. The reasons why you might choose to undertake therapy within your relationship, either jointly, or alone are highly unique to your circumstances and experience, but some of the common things people reach out to us about are:

  • Conflict resolution

  • Identifying challenging relationship dynamics

  • Joint sessions

  • Communication issues

  • Life changes such as career, location, or family

  • Building intimacy

Our team of relationship counselling experts

Meet our team of specialist counsellors and therapists committed to helping you navigate any relationship challenges you may be having. Boasting years of collective experience, our team is accredited in evidence-based interventions and support, offering therapies that are tailored to your specific needs. Working closely with clinical psychologists and relationship experts within our multidisciplinary team, we collaborate with you to get to the root of your issues and help you build a happier, healthier life.

Whether you're looking to get your relationship back on track or move on from a difficult time in your life, we can help you lead a happier and healthier life. Our dedicated relationship counselling services offer personalised treatment plans, expert guidance, evidence-based counselling and therapy, and compassionate support to accompany you on your healing journey.

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Integrative Counsellor & Psychotherapist

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Integrative Psychotherapist

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Integrative Therapist

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Principle Systemic Family Psychotherapist

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Chartered Clinical Psychologist

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