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Treatment funding & prices at Schoen Clinic

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Why choose private mental health care?

There are many reasons why patients choose private mental health care at Schoen Clinic UK. It may be because local NHS providers do not offer the mental health or eating disorder treatment required, there is insufficient capacity or there is a long waiting list.

Some patients prefer the peace of mind of receiving quick access to our specialised experts, when they choose to.

All our hospitals and clinics are welcoming, comfortable and well-maintained, ensuring that all our patients are given the best environment we can offer to allow them to focus on recovery.

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Using your health insurance

We work with major health insurers including Aviva, AXA Health, Bupa, Cigna, Healix, Vitality and WPA.


If you wish to use your private health insurance for treatment with us, here’s what you need to do;


1. See your GP or healthcare professional for a referral. Your insurer will need this and so will we as it contains important clinical details.

2. Contact your insurer for treatment approval. Your insurer will provide you with a pre-authorisation code for your initial assessment or appointment. 

3. Complete the facility online pre-screening questionnaire. This can be found under 'Information for Patients'. Then one of our friendly team will be in touch as soon as possible. If you have any questions, you are very welcome to email our Private Enquiries Team here.

Simply self-fund treatment

... and refer yourself with ease

Self-funding treatment with Schoen Clinic UK is easy and the fastest way to begin private treatment with us.


1. To refer yourself, simply complete the relevant online pre-screening questionnaire below and our team will be in touch as soon as possible:


If you have any questions, you are very welcome to email our Private Enquiries Team here.


2. Provide a GP/healthcare professional referral or recent clinical summary. You can email this to our Private Enquiries Team here and this will be reviewed as soon as possible by our in-house clinical team, it’s helpful for us to have the latest clinical information.

3. Review our self-pay pricing guide below to ensure you understand the costs involved.

4. If you are clinically appropriate for treatment with us, an initial appointment or assessment will be booked as soon as possible.

Paying via contactless

Self-funding pricing;
Schoen Clinic Chelsea, London

Consultant initial assessment
From £595
Consultant follow-up (1 hour)
From £290
Consultant follow-up (30 minutes)
From £225
Consultant Psychiatrist child/teen ADHD assessment/report (includes questionnaires, 90-minute parents meeting, 60-minute patient assessment, school liaison, feedback appointment including treatment options)
From £2,240
Consultant Psychiatrist adult ADHD assessment and report (includes questionnaires, 60-minute assessment, 30-minute follow-up and full report)
From £1,545
CBTi Sleep Insomnia 6-week course
Yoga Therapy 8-week course (led by Consultant Psychiatrist Dr Pillay)
Consultant Psychiatrist full medication review (adult - general mental health/ADHD)
Mental health treatment programme (full day)
Mental health treatment programme (half day)
Single group
One-to-one therapy session
From £230
Family therapy session
From £345
Prescription (outside of consultation)
Emergency prescriptions (10 days notice or less)
Additional letters (schools, universities, employers, insurers, ad-hoc)
School liaison appointments (60 minutes)
School liaison follow-up calls (30 minutes)
Professional meetings (1 hour)
Additional telephone calls (outside of treatment plans and clinic appointments)
£50 (first 15 minutes) £75 (per 15 minutes thereafter)

Self-funding pricing;
Schoen Clinic York & Schoen Clinic Newbridge

Inpatient/daycare initial assessment
Daycare programme (full day)
Daycare programme (1 full day a week, 4 week package)
Daycare programme (2 full days a week, 4 week package)
Daycare programme (3 full days a week, 4 week package)
Daycare programme (4 full days a week, 4 week package)
Daycare programme (5 full days a week, 4 week package)
Consultant assessment including second opinion assessments (York only)
Inpatient eating disorder treatment
£995 per night
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Services for the NHS and local authorities

Schoen Clinic Newbridge and Schoen Clinic York welcome publicly funded patients and we work closely with;

  • Provider NHS trusts

  • NHS England, Wales and Scotland

  • Mental health NHS trusts

  • Local authorities

  • Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), now known as Integrated Care Boards (ICBs)

To make a publicly funded referral, please email the referral securely to:

Schoen Clinic Newbridge

Schoen Clinic York

Get in touch

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We work with major health insurers
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