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times press and media page copy.jpg

17th May 2024

"ADHD patients win right to choose private treatment"

The Times published an article following the landmark decision to allow ADHD patients to choose a preferred provider.


Leading London Consultant Psychiatrist and Group Medical Director at Schoen Clinic, Dr James Woolley provided expert insight for the piece into the rising demand for ADHD assessments and the need for comprehensive aftercare following diagnosis.

Mayfair times page copy.jpg

2nd April 2023

"Seeking help - with eating disorders in young people rising, we ask what can be done to help"

Tom Hawksworth, a Primary Therapist for children and young people with eating disorders at Schoen Clinic Chelsea spoke to Mayfair Times about the rise in young people seeking help.


"I notice shame and guilt in the room when talking to boys about eating disorders and likewise, I notice we perhaps overly expect girls to know how they're feeling and to communicate this more fluently."

internet addiction press and media page.jpg

2nd April 2023

"I’m addicted to the internet – an 11-day online binge cost me my career"

Many of us are habitually checking our emails or refreshing Twitter, but at what does point it become a life-changing problem?


Dr James Woolley, Senior Consultant Psychiatrist at Schoen Clinic Chelsea discusses the causes of internet addiction and treatment options available in a recent article in The Telegraph and Yahoo News. 

the sun press and media page.jpg

5th March 2023

"HIDDEN CONDITION Anorexia took over my life – these are the signs and symptoms to know"

Eating disorder specialist and Director of Mental Health at Schoen Clinic UK Group, Rachel Matthews, spoke with The Sun about the rise in cases of eating disorders post-pandemic.


The article highlights some of the causes and symptoms to look out for and where to find help when it's needed.

sad women article press and media page.jpg

23rd January 2023

"The peak of SAD"

The shorter days and poor weather during winter can leave you feeling down, low and depressed.


Dr Perkins, a Clinical Psychologist specialising in anxiety and mood disorders at Schoen Clinic Chelsea, was featured in Woman magazine talking about Seasonal Affective Disorder and can relieve the symptoms. 

york press media page article.jpg

14th December 2022

"Schoen Clinic York rated 'good' in all areas following CQC inspection"

The York Press released an article today sharing the details of the recent 'Good' rating Schoen Clinic York received from the CQC following an expection in November. The article shares the news that


Schoen Clinic York recieved a 'Good' rating in all areas of inspection, finding the hosital to be be safe, caring, responsive, effective and well-led.

zara mcdermott disordered eating documentary promo image

22nd November 2022

Schoen Clinic Newbridge features in new BBC documentary - "Zara McDermott: Disordered Eating"

Record numbers of young people are being treated for eating disorders. Zara McDermott explores the reasons behind this explosion in cases and sets out to discover how far social media influencers might be part of the problem.


Schoen Clinic Newbridge granted exclusive access to their hospital, to speak to patients during the making of the documentary, to give valuable and rare insight from the perspective of a young person with an eating disorder. 

evening standard press and media page.jpg

18th November 2022

"Movember: how to know if your partner or loved one has depression (and what to do about it)

1 in 6 adults in the UK don't feel able to talk about depression and those numbers are only higher amongst men. 


Dr Sarah Perkins, a Clinical Psychologist at Schoen Clinic Chelsea was featured in the Evening Standard talking about why men seek help for depression less often. 


Read the full story on the Evening Standard. 

HR news press and media.jpg

12th September 2022

"Bridging gap in workplace mental health will help businesses manage productivity"

HR news spoke to Chris Horlick, a senior advisor to Schoen Clinic UK Group and former Distribution Director for AXA Health and Dr James Woolley, a Senior Consultant Psychiatrist at Schoen Clinic Chelsea, about the need for employers to consider employee mental health in the workplace.

new tech press and media page.jpg

4th April 2022

University of Miami puts Christopher Schoen, COO of Schoen Clinic Germany in the Spotlight

Christopher Schoen, a former University student and the founder and COO of the Schoen Clinic in Germany, spoke to the University of Miami about the new MindDoc app, which offers patients mental health care every day.

express article press and media.jpg

18th March 2022

Daily Express features Rachel Matthews, our Director of Mental Health

Daily Express talked to Rachel Matthews, Director of Mental Health for Schoen Clinic UK and an expert on eating disorders, about the effect the COVID-19 pandemic had on young people with eating disorders.

grazia bdd press and medai page.jpg

7th March 2022

Grazia magazine talks to Rachel Matthews, our Director of Mental Health 

Rachel Matthews, Director of Mental Health for Schoen Clinic UK was featured in the Mental Health section of Grazia magazine discussing body dysmorphia.

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