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New staffing solutions partnership formed to support group growth and the prioritisation of our patients

Updated: Apr 17

graphic that reads "new partnership announced" and includes the company logos of the Placement Group and Schoen Clinic UK Group

Schoen Clinic UK, a highly specialised and award-winning private healthcare provider and The Placement Group PLC, a leading healthcare recruitment and staffing solutions provider have entered into a new and forward-thinking strategic partnership that will significantly improve the efficiency of temporary, permanent, and internal staffing provisions across the group. The agreement's emphasis is focused on quality assurance, value and delivering the best outcomes in line with growth and prioritising patient care.

Faye Collins, HR Director for Schoen Clinic UK said “Recruitment and retention continue to be a priority in line with our People Plan at Schoen Clinic and we do not underestimate that our colleagues are the reason for our success and exceptional patient care.  As the healthcare market continues to evolve, it is essential to carefully consider how the landscape is changing and as a result, how our approach to attracting and retaining healthcare professionals must also advance.  Doing what we have always done won’t set Schoen Clinic aside from our competitors or provide our patients with the incomparable care we have to offer and that is why partnering with Marc and his team at The Placement Group genuinely provides an exciting, future-focused solution to strategic workforce planning.” 

Marc Clifford, Commercial Director for The Placement Group said “We have been working collaboratively with Faye and the team since the end of June and have taken a well-paced and methodical approach to consider the solutions, method and implementation that would be both beneficial and successful across their group. It has been necessary to invest time in understanding Schoen Clinic’s needs, and meeting the team and hiring managers that put their heart and soul into delivering outstanding care, all of which have been inclusive and pivotal in forming our new successful partnership.

We have cultivated a bespoke solution and system with achievable and measurable milestones that incorporates all specialities and staffing groups within Schoen Clinic and as we launch this new model, it really is an exciting time to be working with such a progressive organisation that truly prioritises their patients and hardworking teams.

The Placement Group has been serving the healthcare industry for over 27 years and is able to be realistic and selective in who we partner with; there are clear synergies between both The Placement Group and Schoen Clinic, not only in terms of how we invest in our people but the appetite to grow further and remain stand out providers across the sector.  Our partnership is a clear indicator of our aligned values and I look forward to a long and successful partnership.”

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