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Schoen Clinic Newbridge Featured in New BBC Documentary – Zara McDermott: Disordered Eating

photograph of social media influencer Zara McDermott, woman with long hair facing the camera against a dark blue background

Schoen Clinic Newbridge featured in a new BBC3 documentary - Zara McDermott: Disordered Eating.

The documentary, airing 22nd November 2022 at 9pm on BBC3 explores the huge rise in eating disorders amongst children and young people. Disordered eating looks different for everyone but may include undereating or overeating, excessive exercise, focusing more on appearance and anxiety around mealtimes, amongst other things.

Between April and October 2021, hospital admissions for children aged 17 and under with eating disorders went up by over 40% and charities are concerned that social media may be compounding the problem. The film takes an in-depth look at the impact of social media, as well as speaking with young people in treatment for an eating disorder, and those in recovery.

Schoen Clinic Newbridge granted exclusive access to their hospital, to speak to patients during the making of the documentary, to give valuable and rare insight to a social media influencer from the perspective of a young person with an eating disorder. 

Hospital Director, Natalie Maley says “It was clear from the outset that Zara and the documentary makers had a genuine wish to learn and hear directly from the young people most affected by eating disorders and disordered eating. They handled everything very sensitively and we worked closely with our young people, their families and our clinical team to ensure it was appropriate for anyone featured to be included.”

Zara and the documentary makers spent a day at Schoen Clinic Newbridge in August of this year.

Rachel Matthews, Schoen Clinic UK Director of Mental Health also features in the documentary and noted “The conversations with our young people on the day of filming were very powerful. I could see that Zara was deeply moved by what she heard, especially as some of our young patients confirmed they had been triggered by some of her posts.

I feel that Zara has learned a lot from the making of this documentary, and we were glad to play our part in helping her on her journey of discovery and seeing things from the patient perspective.”

Schoen Clinic UK Group would like to thank the young people, their families and our colleagues at Schoen Clinic Newbridge for taking part in this documentary.

We would also like to thank Zara, Ellie the Director and the film crew for dealing with our patients so caringly during filming. 

For press and media please contact our Press Office at

22/11/2022 page edit: The documentary is now available to watch on BBC iPlayer at

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