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Schoen Clinic are proud to be recognised by Healix

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Leading private mental healthcare provider, Schoen Clinic UK Group, is pleased to announce they are now recognised by Healix.

Healix patients can now access highly specialised healthcare for eating disorders and mental health conditions at 3 UK locations; Schoen Clinic Chelsea, Schoen Clinic Newbridge and Schoen Clinic York. This includes children and young people/CAMHS patients with eating disorders.

Jo Morse, Partnerships Director for Schoen Clinic UK Group says “We are delighted that all 3 of our mental health facilities are now recognised by Healix. We look forward to welcoming Healix patients and ensuring we get them on the road to recovery as soon as possible.”

Schoen Clinic understands the importance of delivering fast access to their services and Healix is now part of Schoen Clinic's growing list of partner providers.

 If you or someone you know is struggling with an eating disorder or mental health problem, please contact our caring team or your insurance provider to learn how you can quickly access highly specialised, quality mental healthcare.

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