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"I've worked with extraordinary nurses my entire career but never have I seen such dedication to the job as I have during the pandemic."

Updated: Apr 17

Schoen Clinic are using the occasion to celebrate nurses and healthcare assistants across the group – which comprises three mental health facilities; all have had an exceptionally challenging year in the face of Covid-19.

two women discussing mental health therapy counselling

“The past 15 months have been extraordinary for most of us, and our personal and professional lives have been affected in nearly every way possible“, says Andy Davey, UK Managing Director.

“The difference is, for clinical staff on the front line, there has simply been no option but to adapt and keep going throughout the pandemic.

“Across our hospitals and clinics, we have a lot of patients depending on us and absolutely must have access to treatment. Our nurses and healthcare assistants are integral to providing that care and there’s no option to work from home, or to treat patients from a distance. They have been in our hospitals, day after day, completely committed to their patients and colleagues.

“The level of dedication before the pandemic was inspiring and now, quite frankly, I am in awe of how much they have adapted in order to keep treating our patients.”

Schoen Clinic UK are committed to retaining and developing clinical colleagues, and believe this is key to keeping hold of its excellent nursing staff.

Senior Staff Nurse, Jennie, tells us about her role at Schoen Clinic Newbridge in Birmingham which treats young people with eating disorders;

“I trained as a Mental Health Nurse later in life as I had personal experience of some amazing nurses, and I wanted to be able to give to others the support, care and dedication my family had so gratefully received from this profession.

“I work alongside a team of professionals who are as passionate about supporting young people with eating disorders as I am; everyone gives 110%. Being able to support both the young people in our care and empower their families to continue the journey after their stay at Schoen Clinic Newbridge is a privilege. We leave each day knowing we have made a difference.

“On top of this, I feel proud to be part of a profession which has been at the forefront of the challenges of the last year.”

Gail, Mental Health Nurse at Schoen Clinic Chelsea and a Nurse of 45 years says "I support the day programme for adolescent eating disorders at Schoen Clinic Chelsea which is a new and exciting challenge. I work with an amazing team of dedicated clinicians and I'm proud to be a nurse."

We are always looking for caring and experienced nurses to join our amazing team, our latest nursing career opportunities can be found on our careers page.

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