How we work with consultants

Compliance with the CMA Order

In October 2014 the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) published the Private Healthcare Market Investigation Order 2014 (the Order). To comply with the Order private hospitals must disclose certain information relating to referring clinicians (as defined by the Order) for the benefit of patients. In accordance with the Order, the information set out below is provided by Schoen Clinic London and is broken into higher value services and low value services.

Higher Value Services

Schoen Clinic London provides consulting rooms to referring clinicians at a rental rate of £25 per hour (inclusive of VAT).

Medical secretary services may also be provided to referring clinicians at a rate of £20 -£25 per hour (inclusive of VAT) depending on the location and experience of the employee.

The above amounts are considered representative of a fair market value and are reported to the best of knowledge of Schoen Clinic London.

Low Value Services

Low value services provided by Schoen Clinic to our referring clinicians include:

  • Basic workplace amenities such as coffee, tea, refreshments and stationery
  • General marketing support
  • Operational and administrative services to facilitate the appropriate processing of patient admissions
  • Space and facilities for clinical meetings such as MDT

Medical Advisory Services

As part of our continued efforts to improve patient care and experience, Schoen Clinic works closely with certain clinicians for medical advisory services. Schoen Clinic’s advisors are senior medical personnel and viewed as esteemed specialists in their field. In return for the consultants’ counsel on strategy, clinical pathways, program development, clinical quality and governance, as well as service offerings, Schoen Clinic is charged an hourly rate of £260.

Medical Advisors:

  • Dr Julian Widdowson

Group Hospitality Networking Events

On occasion we host group networking or training events for consultants and local primary care professionals. Refreshments are provided at these events and we sometimes use and pay for external venues when there is insufficient space at our hospital. These occasions provide a forum to discuss the latest industry topics, technologies, procedures and treatments in a relaxed and informative environment. Our networking events are an excellent way to enhance primary care professionals' understanding and knowledge of our hospital and the specialist services that we provide to help them care for their patients. We may also invite consultants to discuss options for developing the hospital or services and these may be held over dinner. The hospital covers all the costs of these events, up to a maximum of £250 per head.