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Divorce and separation

Private divorce and seperation counselling, support and therapy in London at Schoen Clinic Chelsea

When any relationship breaks down, coping with the uncertainty and life change can be a difficult and worrying time. Embarking on the challenging journey of divorce can be emotionally overwhelming, and fraught with unknowns and complexities.

At Schoen Clinic Chelsea, our caring and compassionate counsellors and therapists deeply understand the intricate nature of this process and recognise the toll it can take on your mental health and well-being.

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At what point is therapy or counselling a good idea?

Deciding if and when to get professional help and support during divorce is a personal choice, and depending on your personality, can happen at different times throughout the process.

Before divorce 

If you’re having marital difficulties, undergoing counselling or therapy can be hugely beneficial and improve the quality of the relationship.

During the divorce

Counselling or therapy can help during the divorce proceedings, to help you cope with the multiple stresses of difficult discussions, the legal process, parenting challenges, and everything else that goes alongside what can be a difficult and protracted process.

After the divorce

Once the divorce is finalised, adapting to a new life can be difficult. Counselling can aid in the regeneration process, and building a new life, as well as overcoming any difficulties that were faced pre-divorce.

During parenting challenges following the divorce

One of the wider challenges faced during divorce is parenting, particularly if this side of the divorce is protracted or particularly gruelling.

Long after a divorce

The emotional turmoil following a divorce may hit years or decades following the actual legality. It’s not uncommon to experience sadness or a decline in your emotional well-being long after your divorce is settled, and counselling or therapy might be suitable at any point.

Our team is here to guide and support you through every step of your divorce, no matter what the history of the relationship.

We provide a safe space to explore and navigate the difficulties that can occur during divorce. We aim to empower you to better cope with the challenges, heal from the emotional wounds, and emerge stronger on the other side ready. Our Chelsea counsellors and therapists are committed to helping you reclaim your mental health, build a resilient foundation for the next chapter of your life, and develop new relationships when ready.

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Get in touch with our compassionate team in London for expert help in navigating the mental health difficulties of divorce or separation

If you need specialised mental health support as you navigate divorce or separation, please reach out to our caring team in London today. We have appointments available in as little as 24 hours so you can begin therapy with minimal wait.

To access private treatment as swiftly as possible, simply fill out our online pre-screening questionnaire at any time to suit you.

How much does divorce or separation mental health support cost?

The cost of different types of treatment, therapy or support will vary. See our full breakdown of our prices and funding options for more information or specific costs.

What does a divorce counselling session look like?

At Schoen Clinic Chelsea, our comprehensive divorce counselling services offer tailored support to individuals and couples navigating the complexities of separation and divorce. Our dedicated team of counsellors provides a safe and nurturing environment where you can address your unique needs and concerns.

Initial assessment and goal setting: Begin your journey with an initial assessment session, where our experienced therapists and counsellors will take the time to understand your relationship history, current challenges, and desired outcomes. Together, we'll establish clear goals for your counselling journey.

Exploration of emotions: Emotions can run high during divorce proceedings. Our counsellors provide a supportive space for you to express your feelings openly and without judgment. Whether you're experiencing anger, sadness, guilt, or relief, we're here to help you navigate these emotions with compassion and understanding.

Communication enhancement: Effective communication is key to navigating the complexities of divorce. Our counsellors offer practical strategies for improving communication with your partner, helping you express your needs and concerns constructively with understanding and empathy.

Co-parenting support: For couples with children, co-parenting effectively is a top priority. Our counsellors assist you in developing a co-parenting plan that prioritises the wellbeing of your children while through cooperation and mutual respect between you and your ex-partner.

Exploring options and decision-making: Divorce counselling isn't just about ending a relationship—it's about exploring your options and making informed decisions about your future. Our counsellors provide guidance and support as you navigate decisions regarding divorce, separation, or the possibility of reconciliation.

Individual support sessions: In addition to joint sessions, we offer individual support sessions where you can delve deeper into your thoughts, feelings, and concerns in a confidential and supportive environment.

Closure and transition: As your counselling journey comes to an end, our counsellors help you achieve closure and transition to the next phase of your life with confidence and resilience. Whether you're moving forward with divorce, adjusting to co-parenting, or exploring reconciliation, we're here to support you every step of the way.

At Schoen Clinic Chelsea, our divorce counselling services are designed to empower you to navigate the challenges of separation and divorce with strength, grace, and resilience. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support you on your journey toward healing and growth.

What type of therapy or counselling works best for those going through a divorce?

The specific methods of therapy or counselling that our team recommends to you will be highly dependent on your individual circumstances.

One of the most popular, widely used and effective is cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), which assists in reshaping thought patterns and coping mechanisms. This may be used in conjunction with other therapies such as narrative therapy, which is employed to help clients reframe their divorce narrative and find empowerment through their personal stories.

For those looking to work things out amicably, couples therapy is also available and may be used alongside CBT to help improve interpersonal communication and manage stress.

Whichever therapy you undertake will depend on your individual history and circumstances, but rest assured our therapists will get to the bottom of your issues and help you to address them in the most effective way possible.

How to get a divorce counselling session in London

The process of finding a divorce counsellor at Schoen Clinic is a straightforward and supportive process from the very first step. The first step to getting professional help is arranging a consultation with one of our counsellors.

Our diverse group of counsellors, accredited in evidence-based therapies means you will get the support that bespoke to your needs, from a highly qualified team.

After an initial consultation where your counsellor will delve deeper into any issues you might be having, the team will work with you to understand your unique needs and develop a personalised counselling plan to help you overcome your challenges most effectively. At Schoen Clinic in Chelsea, we undertake a multidisciplinary approach, working closely with our wider team of clinical psychologists and social workers to provide holistic support throughout your divorce journey.

Feel free to explore detailed profiles of our counsellors online, helping you choose a professional whose expertise aligns with your specific requirements as finding the right fit is crucial to a successful treatment.

Your journey towards healing and resilience starts with a simple step – get in touch with our caring team today.

At Schoen Clinic in Chelsea, we can help you navigate the tough times during a divorce

Divorce affects individuals and couples in different ways, but its impact can be a highly emotionally challenging life change that can be detrimental to your well-being, lifestyle, and most importantly interpersonal relationships.

Meet our specialists in divorce counselling and therapy

Meet our team of experts committed to helping you navigate your journey through divorce. With decades of collective experience and professional accreditations for using evidence-based therapies, they collaborate with our multidisciplinary team of clinical psychologists and social workers to help you get better.

Trusting your counsellor and building an honest and open two-way relationship is critical to a successful treatment, so learn more about our team below.

Dr Tara Tofiq

Consultant General Adult Psychiatrist

Dr Tara Tofiq

Dr Daniel Masud

Consultant General & Addictions Psychiatrist | ADHD Specialist

Dr Daniel Masud

Emma Johnson

Principle Systemic Family Psychotherapist

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