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Bereavement, grief and loss

Private bereavement counselling, support and therapy in London at Schoen Clinic Chelsea

Bereavement and grief is a complex issue that impacts us all. We deal with loss in different highly individual ways, meaning Losing a loved one can be an overwhelming and isolating experience. As mental health specialists, we understand the profound impact it has on emotional well-being which can also impact your physical health.

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Mental health challenges following bereavement, grief or loss

The experience of losing a loved one can have a severe impact on one's mental health. Even for someone relatively distant, the natural grieving process means that everyone will experience different symptoms, and have different triggers which trigger the stresses brought on by loss.

Other medical conditions such as depression or anxiety might make an individual more susceptible to experiencing a difficult bereavement process, as well as more complex issues like unresolved grief from past loss, or complicated grief disorder.

The exact cause of bereavement-related mental health issues is bespoke to an individual and likely to cover a huge range of factors.

It’s important to look at an individual's unique set of circumstances and deal with them in a personal way that is most relevant to the individual.

We aim to provide a haven for those seeking both understanding and healing after a loss. Our team of experienced bereavement counsellors specialises in offering empathetic guidance, bespoke treatment plans, and a compassionate and supportive environment to help you navigate the complexities of grief. If you or a loved one is struggling to cope following bereavement, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team in London today.

What are the common symptoms of someone struggling with grief?

Bereavement can be a lifelong, difficult change that can impact anyone, and everyone at different levels of severity. It manifests through different emotional and physical symptoms depending on the individual, but these may show as intense sadness, emptiness, and obvious loss. Physically, this can disrupt sleep patterns, cause loss of appetite, and issues concentrating.

Symptoms will vary as the time since bereavement passes but can range from shock and disbelief to anger and guilt. Bereavement affects individuals in unique ways, so symptoms may vary in intensity and duration. If you or someone you know is grappling with these challenges, acknowledging and understanding these symptoms is a vital step towards seeking support.

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Get in touch with our caring team in London for compassionate support for grief, loss or bereavement

If you need support during a period of grief or loss, please don't hesitate to reach out to our caring team in London. We have appointments available in as little as 24 hours so you can begin healing with minimal wait.

To access private treatment as swiftly as possible, simply fill out our online pre-screening questionnaire at any time to suit you.

How much does support for bereavement cost?

The cost of different types of treatment, therapy or support will vary. See our full breakdown of our prices and funding options for more information or specific costs.

Grief and loss can be experienced even if no one has died

It's important to recognise that grief and loss extend beyond the realm of death; they also encompass the emotional upheaval experienced when relationships or friendships fracture. When bonds once cherished falter, individuals often navigate a profound sense of loss akin to mourning.

Emotions fluctuate between denial, anger, bargaining, and ultimately acceptance, mirroring the grieving process associated with bereavement. Recognising the validity of these feelings is crucial, as it allows individuals to acknowledge their pain, process their emotions, and eventually begin their journey towards healing.

When does the mental health effect of bereavement or loss become a more serious issue?

Bereavement affects many of us throughout our lifetime, and some people manage grief much more successfully than others. If the symptoms of bereavement significantly interfere with your daily life, relationships, or overall mental health, it may be time to seek professional help. Persistent feelings of hopelessness, isolation, or an inability to function may indicate a need for additional support.

Our team is here to assist you on your journey towards healing. Don't hesitate to reach out if you feel overwhelmed or find it challenging to cope with the grieving process alone. Seeking professional help from Schoen Clinic Chelsea is a proactive step towards rebuilding your life after loss.

Getting treatment for bereavement-related mental health issues in London

The compassionate Schoen Clinic team at Chelsea offers highly specialised counselling for bereavement, providing a safe space for individuals to explore and express their emotions to aid recovery from the process.

Complicated grief is typically addressed using a combination of therapies including a branch of psychotherapy known as complicated grief therapy. This approach is specifically tailored to address the complexities of complicated grief, and can prove to yield positive outcomes.

Therapy sessions often involve:

  • Therapists gaining an understanding of your journey and the types of intervention that will be most effective for you

  • Deep diving into your reactions to bereavement, the symptoms you're suffering, and techniques to help you adapt to the loss

  • Possibly engage in simulated conversations with your departed loved one which can help alleviate distressing images and thoughts

  • Explore and process thoughts and emotions related to the grief experience

  • Enhance coping skills and mitigate feelings of blame and guilt.

These may be done individually or as group therapy sessions. We'll determine the most suitable and effective treatment plan based on your individual circumstances.

What type of counselling is best for bereavement?

Navigating bereavement involves deeply personal experiences, making it imperative to recognise that there isn't a singular "best" approach to providing support.

Rather, the most effective method for bereavement counselling varies depending on individual preferences, cultural considerations, and specific needs. Common approaches encompass a spectrum of modalities including counselling, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), mindfulness-based therapies, and specialised grief therapies such as supportive counselling, narrative therapy, and complicated grief therapy. Crafting an effective support system often entails a tailored blend of these modalities, customised to the unique circumstances of the grieving individual.

Recovery from losing a loved one is possible with help from Schoen Clinic Chelsea

Coping with the daily challenges of bereavement can be an overwhelming experience that profoundly affects your mental well-being, work, personal life, and relationships. At Schoen Clinic Chelsea, our team is committed to providing support during these trying times.

Our specialist therapists’ goals are to help you navigate and manage any bereavement-related challenges which might be impacting your life. We offer the necessary diagnosis and appropriate medical treatment to address any distressing thoughts you may be grappling with. Whether it involves a combination of medication and therapeutic interventions or other personalised approaches, our dedication is to guide you towards a path of healing.

Compassionate care begins with our dedicated team of bereavement counselling specialists. With a commitment to understanding and healing, our team offers highly personalised bereavement support that’ll take into account your circumstances, and our team’s deep understanding of your challenges.

Take the initial step towards overcoming the challenges of bereavement with specialised treatment at Schoen Clinic Chelsea. Reach out to our compassionate team at 0203 146 2300 or email us for exceptional private mental healthcare.

Learn more about the team, or get in touch to book an appointment with your chosen specialist below.

Our multidisciplinary team of grief counsellors, therapists and psychiatrists are here to support you

Grief is a complex journey and one that is sometimes best done with professional support. Our bereavement counselling services provide a safe space to heal and cope with loss. Don't face the road ahead alone, get in touch with our team to discover how counselling could help you cope with loss in the most effective way possible.

Compassionate care begins with our dedicated team of bereavement counselling specialists. With a commitment to understanding and healing, our team offers highly personalised bereavement support that’ll take into account your circumstances, and our team’s deep understanding of your challenges. Find out more about the team that can help you during this difficult time.

Dr Tara Tofiq

Consultant General Adult Psychiatrist

Dr Tara Tofiq

Gabriele Malinauskaite

Lead Psychotherapist

Gabriele Malinauskaite

Emma Johnson

Principle Systemic Family Psychotherapist

Emma Johnson

Dr Greg Shields

Consultant Psychiatrist and Cancer Specialist Psychiatrist

Dr Greg Shields

Isabelle Nussbaum

Integrative Counsellor & Psychotherapist

Isabelle Nussbaum

Darja Lee

Integrative Psychotherapist

Darja Lee

Lorraine Green


Lorraine Green

Dr Adrienne Key

Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Adrienne Key

Kristin McCarthy

Integrative Therapist

Kristin McCarthy

Jahanara Khatun

Counselling Psychologist

Jahanara Khatun

Magdalena Garcia

Clinical Psychologist & Integrative Psychotherapist

Magdalena Garcia

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Child Psychotherapeutic Counsellor

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