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Dr Daniel Masud

Consultant General & Addictions Psychiatrist | ADHD Specialist

BMBS, BMedSci (Hons), MRCPsych

Schoen Clinic Chelsea remote and in-person clinics; Wednesday and Thursday evenings and all day Saturday.

Dr Daniel Masud is a Consultant Psychiatrist specialising in the treatment and support of adults dealing with a wide range of mental wellbeing and mental health disorders.

He offers expedited remote and in-person private appointments for various conditions, as well as private Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) diagnostic assessments and treatment.

With a wealth of experience in evaluating and treating adults with mental health issues, Dr Masud has worked in both outpatient and inpatient settings, as well as specialised services.

He honed his skills through training in Nottingham, where he held diverse specialist positions alongside experts in the field, earning an endorsement in Addiction Psychiatry.

Throughout his professional journey, he has assumed various roles within the NHS as a Consultant in General Adult Psychiatry. These roles have provided him with invaluable expertise in service delivery and addressing a broad spectrum of mental health conditions, spanning from mild to severe and persistent disorders.

After serving as the Lead Consultant Psychiatrist at the innovative and multi-award nominated Mental Health Urgent Care Department, a groundbreaking service in Essex that offers urgent mental health assistance for adults in Essex, he has now been appointed as Lead Consultant Psychiatrist at an inpatient service providing round-the-clock care.

Within Schoen Clinic Chelsea, London, Dr Masud's practice encompasses the treatment of adults with diverse mental health conditions. He has a particular focus on treatment-resistant depression and Adult ADHD, offering full diagnostic assessments and treatment for ADHD.

Dr Masud strives to hear each patient's unique narrative and takes a person-centred approach, tailoring treatment plans to individual needs, preferences, and circumstances.

While diagnoses play a role in crafting treatment strategies, he places paramount importance on considering each patient's distinctive requirements to facilitate their personalised recovery journey. Patients are encouraged to express their needs and request additional time as necessary.

Dr Masud is an Approved Clinician: Approved under Section 12(2) of the Mental Health Act 1983 (as amended by the Mental Health Act 2007) as having specialist experience in the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders.

He is on the Specialist Register: Licensed and registered practitioner with the General Medical Council (GMC no. 7454427).

New self-funding initial appointment - £650

Dr Masud welcomes self-funding patients to his Schoen Clinic Chelsea practice. Book an appointment today by calling 020 3146 2300 or complete our pre-screening questionnaire online anytime to suit you.

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Dr Daniel Masud

Areas of expertise:

  • Sleep problems (including insomnia)

  • Relationship counselling

  • Work-related stress

  • Burnout

  • Anxiety disorders (including health anxiety, social anxiety and general anxiety)

  • Mood disorders (including depression and bipolar affective disorder)

  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

  • Panic disorders (including agoraphobia)

  • Phobias

  • Adjustment disorders (including life transitions, major life events, divorce, parenting, chronic medical conditions)

  • Stress reactions     

  • Marriage difficulties

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