Our renowned inpatient hospital for young people with eating disorders
Rated outstanding twice by the Care Quality Commission (CQC)
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Part of a leading international hospital group employing 11,300 colleagues treating 300,000 patients every year and the LaingBuisson hospital of the year 2021

A specialised eating disorder hospital for young people in the Midlands

Schoen Clinic Newbridge has gained both national and international recognition for its pioneering work in helping young people (8 to 18-year-olds) with diagnosed eating disorders and their related problems.

Newly renovated, Schoen Clinic Newbridge is a 34-bed inpatient hospital welcoming NHS, privately insured and self-funded patients. We offer advanced treatment for the full range of eating disorders, whilst providing a warm, welcoming homely environment that is designed to cater wholly for young people.

We are deeply committed to promoting awareness of eating disorders, and we take an active role in providing support to professionals who work with affected young people.


We accept insured and self-funding patients at Schoen Clinic Newbridge with minimal waiting times. A GP or CAMHS team referral is all you need. 


Find help, advice, factsheets and useful information on a wide range of issues for all those affected by eating disorders, written by our Specialists.


We accept NHS funded patients at Schoen Clinic Newbridge. Your GP or CAMHS team can arrange a referral for you.


If you're a healthcare professional looking to refer a young person for treatment, here's what you need to know.


If you're looking to further your career with leaders in the field of eating disorder research, come and join our award winning team. 


Find out all the latest news, service updates and patient stories from Schoen Clinic Newbridge.

Our Care Quality Commission (CQC) rating

Schoen Clinic Newbridge is wholly committed to raising awareness of eating disorders and improving the lives of people affected by them. Following an inspection by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) in 2016, the internationally renowned inpatient hospital for children and young people with eating disorders received an Outstanding rating.

In 2018, the CQC revisited Schoen Clinic Newbridge and awarded a second Outstanding rating, noting the high standard of care provided by staff and the commitment to research and innovation within the eating disorders field, both nationally and internationally.


Schoen Clinic Newbridge

147 Chester Road,
Birmingham, B74 3NE

A multidisciplinary team of eating disorder experts in Birmingham

Our staff are all specialists in their fields and they work as a multi-disciplinary team (MDT). This ensures that each of the treatments that we provide help to address the various factors that contribute to eating disorders. Our teams work with patients and their families to provide the most effective treatment, which has helped a high recovery rate.

We provide our patients with access to James Brindley school, a specialist academy for young people with medical conditions and/or special educational needs. Many of our residents achieve excellent grades whilst undergoing treatment.

We have also produced films and accompanying resources for schools in which young people we have treated describe their experiences to promote understanding of eating disorders among children and adolescents.

Schoen Clinic Newbridge is proud to be part of the NHS West Midlands CAMHS Provider Collaborative.

A record of outstanding private inpatient eating disorder treatment

Schoen Clinic Newbridge is regulated by the Care Quality Commission and has achieved a rating of outstanding during its past two inspections in 2016 and 2018.

It is one of a very small number of services rated as outstanding. Only 2.7% of mental health services inspected by the CQC achieved this.

Our work has been recognised with the following awards and accolades:



Watch our latest hospital video, featuring our own colleagues giving you more information about Schoen Clinic Newbridge.