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Schoen Clinic UK announces the appointment of Dr James Woolley as UK Group Medical Director and Board member

photograph of Dr James Woolley, Consultant Psychiatrist. Man smiling at camera wearing grey suit and pink tie.

Schoen Clinic UK Group are delighted to announce this appointment which will strengthen and enhance our group governance structures, improve oversight and visibility of all clinical and medical outcome data and ensure compliance and regulatory requirements are consistently met.

Dr Woolley was one of the founding clinicians at Schoen Clinic Chelsea and has been instrumental in driving their quality agenda as well as being influential in setting growth aspirations.

Dr Woolley is dual-qualified in general medicine and Psychiatry, training in London at the Maudsley Hospital. He has been a Consultant Psychiatrist since 2007, specialising in psychosis and anxiety and mood disorders alongside liaison psychiatry at a variety of London teaching hospitals.

In addition to 15+ years of NHS Consultant experience, he has extensive knowledge of the private healthcare market having worked with the largest UK private mental healthcare provider for over a decade.

Dr Woolley most recently worked at the Royal Brompton and Royal Marsden Hospitals, running their psychiatry service and is increasing his commitment to Schoen Clinic during an exciting period of growth.

Andy Davey, UK Managing Director says “This appointment is a significant one for us, as specialisation, patient safety, clinical governance and quality outcomes for our patients are of paramount importance.

Dr Woolley strives for exceptional standards in the delivery of healthcare and will be leading on the next stage of our quality agenda.”

Dr Woolley will remain treating patients and involved in the medical leadership of Schoen Clinic Chelsea, simultaneously driving clinical, quality and governance standards at all Schoen Clinic UK sites.


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