Your aftercare

Resuming normal activities

Your consultant will advise you on when you can return to work or normal daily activities such as exercising or playing sport based on your procedure and individual situation. We will give you a certificate that covers your hospital stay. Then you will need to see your GP for a certificate to last until you are able to return to work.


Prior to departure, you will be given information about your discharge and the next steps of your recovery once you leave hospital. Depending on the type of surgery you have had, you may be booked to see your consultant for a follow up appointment to monitor your recovery from surgery.

Take-home medication

If you need to take any medication following your discharge, your nurse or pharmacist will discuss this with you before you leave. If you have private medical insurance, please check the extent of your cover as most insurance companies do not cover the cost of take-home medication or any physiotherapy aids including crutches and slings that are taken home.


Your physiotherapist will provide you with individualised exercises to complete that will assist your recovery.

You may also wish to consider some outpatient physiotherapy to get the best possible result from your surgery. Physiotherapy can help to increase your range of movement and progress your exercises as you get stronger. If you do not already have a physiotherapist, our outpatient physiotherapy team will be happy to help you with your rehabilitation.

If you have any questions regarding your exercises or you want to book an appointment, please contact a member of our physiotherapy team.

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