Group therapy for anxiety disorders at Schoen Clinic Chelsea
Movement therapy - Support for mental health illnesses

What makes us different?

We understand that every person is unique and every patient is different, that is what makes us different.

As a healthcare provider with a difference, we truly understand just how unique each patient is and have made it our purpose to provide the best individualised specialist care for every patient we see.

Our aim is to help people feel better and recover faster.

We are experts, who specialise in providing award winning, innovative, personalised medicine in mental health and orthopaedics.

Together as a team, we are committed and passionate about our patient’s health and wellbeing, supporting them every step of the way, from treatment, rehabilitation, recovery and beyond.

Welcome to Schoen Clinic, giving you access to world-class experts and care when you need it most.

Schoen Clinic. Hello You.

Pioneers in quality measures

For us, the benefits our patients gain from their treatment is the most important factor. To measure our effectiveness, we have developed our unique assessment tool.

This assesses the quality of the hospital stay based on three critical criteria:
1. Quality of treatment
2. Patient safety
3. Patient experience

Multidisciplinary team at Schoen Clinic London

Why choose Schoen Clinic UK?

Our dedicated and focused multidisciplinary team of world-class super specialist clinicians and healthcare professionals effectively measure quality outcomes which means they can consistently deliver excellence as standard.

  • Excellent medicine with value-based healthcare
  • Innovative and effective treatments, equipment and procedures
  • State-of-the-art facilities
  • Cost-efficiency in combination with high quality
  • Enhance clinical outcomes for patients
  • Internationally recognised for our approach to patient care, clinical outcomes and patient experience we deliver
Mr Ali Abbasian, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at Schoen Clinic London

Driving the quality agenda

As the first acute private hospital in the UK to introduce a model of direct employment for our leading consultants this delivers:

- An overall consistency in care and patient safety
- Optimum compliance with data systems and measures
- Doctor/employee benchmarking and appraisal process
- A transparent culture of self-evaluation, learning and accountability
- Continual improvement and greater governance
- Demonstrating high standards to regulators such as the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and NHSE
- A broad range of validated outcome measures for each patient
- Confidence in us as a referrer or payor that the patient will transparently have the best possible outcome - both clinically and economically

Mr Sam Rajaratnam, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon and Head of Department for Knee Surgery at Schoen Clinic London
Operating theater at Schoen Clinic London

Innovation & excellence – Leading the way

Uniquely in the private sector, we have elected to provide consultant-delivered cover across the orthopaedic and spinal hospital through the provision of resident (i.e. present on site, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year) consultants. 

These individuals are all consultants in intensive care medicine working within the NHS as part of their core work. As such, they have a broad range of capabilities, are used to caring for the sickest patients in the hospital and are familiar with all specialities - both surgical and medical. They are also accustomed to team-based working and to managing teams in ‘crisis scenarios’.

The belief is that this model of care optimises and delivers both patient outcomes and safety across the whole organisation.

Patient filling out patient questionnaire to measure outcomes

Outcome measurements

CompCard (=Composite Card) measures each patient’s clinical outcomes over each stage of the treatment process. Starting from initial conditions and indication criteria, it progresses through to treatment processes and complications/adverse events during the hospital stay, and to the longer-term outcomes achieved for our patients (Patient Reported Outcomes). All results are aggregated into the Quality Management Cockpit, MedQEX (Medical Quality and Excellence Index).

Quality data model ensures that all of our data is comparable (because of explicit definitions and defined data collection processes) and enables it to be benchmarked the services against NHS and other private sector hospitals, as well as against other hospitals in the group within Germany - this in turn drives continuing quality improvement. 

Additionally, our intuitive web-based platform supports orthopaedic patients to complete PROMS scores throughout their pathway.  This platform has been integrated with an electronic health record and a bespoke patient information system.  Furthermore the IT investment has enabled the integration of local applications such as Datix for incident management and PACS for image viewing.  This IT landscape facilitates clinicians to manage all aspects of patient care using one state-of-the-art system.

We use scientific validated outcome criteria and scores to measure outcome and share this data with both the NJR and BSR.

An example of a successful pathway in operation at Schoen Clinic London is the Enhanced Recovery Hip & Knee Programme, where we use objective indication criteria for hip and knee surgery to eliminate unnecessary surgeries and quality of life and function scores such as EQ-5D, VAS, and Oxford Hip and Knee scores to monitor the functional status of patients over prolonged time periods after surgery. These quality results are reviewed by the sub-specialist expert groups, who meet twice a year. These groups enable us to refine best practice and generate evidence based pathways and standards for the whole Group.  

Commitment to research, innovation and public education

As part of the ongoing commitment to provide the right treatment, at the right time, to the right patient. Schoen Clinic Newbridge is a National Centre for eating disorders and a CQC outstanding inpatient unit. We have embedded research, innovation and dissemination as an integral activity driving service development. Our research programmes are supervised by experienced researchers, enabling staff, service users, families and professional groups to undertake rigorous research and benefit from the findings. Consistently improving the knowledge and understanding of these disorders to enhance treatment and sustain recovery.

Our key principles

We continue to have a strong growth plan and with this comes significant investment in research, facilities, equipment and most importantly the people. The UK leadership team are committed to the ongoing provision of employee engagement, learning and development, as an imperative part of the success and longevity of our UK operation and this remains embedded in our culture and values. We understand the more engaged and collaborative our people are with the organisation, the easier it is to consistently deliver exceptional levels of patient care.

Schoen Clinic London takes 2019 LaingBuisson Award - Private Hospital (Acute & Mental)

Best acute private hospital 

Within just 15 months of opening, Schoen Clinic London took 2019 Laingbussion Award for its innovative multidisciplinary and patient-centric approach focused on delivering rapid recovery for patients.

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