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Dr Sara McCluskey

Consultant Psychiatrist


Schoen Clinic Chelsea Clinics; alternate Mondays

Dr Sara McCluskey is a highly esteemed Consultant Psychiatrist treating adults with eating disorders and mental health conditions at Schoen Clinic Chelsea in London.

Her medical journey began as a student at St. George's Hospital in South West London during the late 1970s. She was deeply influenced by the strong psychiatry, psychotherapy, and embryology departments at St. George's Hospital, which sparked her fascination with individuals' physical and emotional development.

Her passion for understanding the biological aspects of medicine led her to delve into research, particularly focusing on the impact of eating disorders on women's ovaries and fertility. She gained extensive experience working with individuals with a wide range of eating disorders and an interest in the struggles of individuals with a high body weight.

She continued her advanced training in psychiatry in 1993 at the Academic Department of Psychiatry in the North, studying under Professors Nicole Ferrier, Alan Young, and Jan Scott.

During this period, she developed a strong interest in mood disorders. By 1996, she had become a specialist and held positions as a Senior Lecturer and Consultant Psychiatrist, dividing her time between the university, building eating disorder services in the Northern Region, and working as a Community Psychiatrist.

Dr McCluskey has maintained an active independent practice since 1999. Throughout this time, she continued to provide outpatient care to women dealing with various mental health issues, including mood disorders, anxiety, trauma, and eating disorders and often addressed a combination of these conditions. While many of her patients are women, she also values working with men and people of all gender identities.

Her commitment to patient-centred care and service development has been unwavering, and she was appointed Clinical Director for the Adult Eating Disorder Service Provider Collaborative in March 2024.

Now, as a valued member of the multidisciplinary team at Schoen Clinic Chelsea, Dr McCluskey continues to bring her wealth of experience and expertise, ensuring the delivery of excellent, evidence-based, patient-centred care.

Dr McCluskey welcomes self-funding patients to her Schoen Clinic Chelsea practice. Book an appointment today by calling 020 3146 2300 or complete our pre-screening questionnaire online anytime to suit you.

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