About Schoen Clinic York

We are a highly specialised adult inpatient facility with dedicated units for the treatment of eating disorders and complex personality and dissociative identity disorders.

Therapeutic environment

As part of Schoen Clinic, we took ownership of Naomi and Kemp Units in January 2019. We offer expert assessment and bespoke, outcome-focused treatment packages in a discrete, safe and therapeutic facility.  We treat every person as a partner in their care, providing treatment for female patients on behalf of the NHS, the majority of whom have been referred from a Community Mental Health Team.

Recovery focused pathways

Our approach uses a recovery focused pathway model made up of three stages from medical stabilisation and gaining skills through therapy sessions, groups and other individual interventions to transferring those skills for long-term recovery outside of the hospital environment, such as the home and local community.  Our specialists all work together as a multi-disciplinary team for the benefit of every patient, discussing individual cases and planning the best treatment pathway, including a Consultant Psychiatrist, GP, Clinical Psychologist, Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, specialist trauma therapists, Dietitian, Occupational Therapist, Social Workers, Physiotherapist, Pharmacist and specialist nursing staff.

The Schoen difference

Centre of Excellence
We choose to specialise in particular areas of healthcare because we believe this delivers the best treatments and outcomes. Focusing on one thing enables us to develop our expertiseand patients can be assured that we have successfully treated many others with the same condition.

We work better together for the benefit of patients
Unique within private healthcare, we offer our consultants an employment opportunity. This enables us to organise our specialists to work as multi-disciplinary teams and as a dedicated team that is part of our organisation working to our values and culture.

Award-winning approach to patient outcomes
We rigorously collect, measure and analyse data to drive continuous improvement in safety and effectiveness of care. Our data driven approach helps us to identify and provide the latest evidence based therapies, most efficient pathways and the best value based care.

We treat every patient as a partner in their care
We tailor our approach to their specific needs and provide every patient with an individualised treatment plan in a way they understand. Our patient-centric approach also ensures that our people have real time to do what they do best - providing better care.

Experience the 
Schoen Clinic Difference for yourself

Our commitment to provide the best treatment and care is in everything we do. Find out what you can expect as a patient with Schoen Clinic, from enquiry and diagnosis, to treatment and aftercare.
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