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What are the advantages of holistic mental health therapy?

NHS England data shows that more than 42,000 people in South-West London sought out mental health services in February alone this year – but they can often be faced with follow up waiting times of up to 64 days. With so many people seeking care, this data reveals a concerning pattern in the area. Delays in accessing treatment can exacerbate conditions, hinder recovery, and strain the mental health system further.

The demand for timely and effective care is evident in London. To address this, Schoen Clinic Chelsea is committed to providing timely access and holistic healing for mental health care.

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But what exactly do we mean by “holistic care”?

Holistic patient care in mental health considers all parts of a person's well-being. This includes their emotions, thoughts, and physical symptoms that present themselves in the body. This care method focuses on the patient's needs, considering all aspects of their life to improve their health and healing.

Integrating holistic care into mental health services means recognising that each person is more than their diagnosis or symptoms. At Schoen Clinic Chelsea, we think about how lifestyle, environment, genetics, and social situations impact mental health. We carefully consider these factors, as they can all influence a person's mental well-being.

Our goal is to understand and address these influences. By doing so, we can offer more tailored and effective treatment plans.

A holistic care plan can include therapy, medication, mindfulness, nutrition advice, and exercise programs for overall well-being. The goal is to support the patient in all areas of life, which can lead to improved outcomes and a higher quality of life.

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“At Schoen Clinic Chelsea, we believe that true healing extends beyond symptom management. We are dedicated to giving comprehensive care. This includes considering the diagnosis, as well as the individual's specific needs, circumstances, and goals. Each person's unique situation is taken into account. Our goal is to provide holistic care.

By embracing a comprehensive approach that addresses emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual aspects, we empower our patients to achieve lasting well-being. Our unwavering dedication to timely access and holistic healing represents a significant stride forward in mental health care—one that transforms lives and fosters hope.” - Marco Burman-Fourie, Clinical Director of Schoen Clinic Chelsea

Moreover, holistic care emphasises the importance of patient empowerment and engagement in their own care. Patients should actively participate in their treatment by making informed decisions and collaborating with their healthcare team. Collaborating with others can make you feel more in control of your mental health journey. This is crucial for maintaining wellness over time.

The benefits of a holistic approach are wide-spread and include:

  • Addressing the root cause: A holistic approach aims to identify and address the root causes of mental health issues, rather than just treating the symptoms, leading to more sustainable outcomes.

  • Cost-Effectiveness: In some cases, holistic care can be more affordable than traditional approaches, especially when it prevents the need for more intensive and expensive treatments down the line.

  • Personalised Care: Holistic care plans are tailored to the individual, considering their unique circumstances, needs, and preferences.

  • Patient Empowerment: This approach encourages patients to take an active role in their treatment, providing them with a sense of control and participation in their healing journey.

  • Comprehensive Support: Holistic care often includes a range of complementary therapies, such as mindfulness, nutrition support, and exercise, providing a well-rounded support system.

  • Enhanced Family Communication: Holistic approaches often include family therapy, which can improve communication within families and support systems.

Schoen Clinic Chelsea dedicates itself to providing quick access and comprehensive healing for mental health care. The clinic focuses on personalised treatment using data and a holistic approach. This helps meet patients' needs and improves mental health care for everyone.

Get in touch today for expert support from our team at Schoen Clinic Chelsea.


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