Callum McGuinness

Schoen Clinic York

Occupational Therapist - Eating Disorders (Adults 18+)


As an Occupational Therapist, Callum supports adults undergoing eating disorder treatment in York through a variety of specialised group therapies and individual sessions. His main aim is to help patients achieve meaningful occupational integration and guide them as they rediscover a sense of identity through individualised goal setting.

On completing his Masters of Science Degree, Callum felt it was important to discover a mental healthcare setting that incorporated his passion for mental health support and rehabilitation, but also allow for his professional identity as an Occupational Therapist to expand. This led him to join the team at Schoen Clinic York's specialist eating disorder service where he has been able to develop further in his career. Having completed Level 3 Safeguarding training, Callum is one of 3 Safeguarding Leads at Schoen Clinic York.

Callum has a keen interest in the links between complex trauma and disordered eating, specifically the changes in memory retention, cognition, and overall brain function caused by disordered eating malnutrition. This, and how also it contributes to occupational imbalance and disruption through maladaptive and disordered, but seemingly “meaningful” occupations.

Callum also has extensive experience in complex mental health disorders, having worked intensely with a wide range of diagnoses including Dementia, Schizophrenia, Psychosis, Dissociative Identity Disorder, Personality disorders, Complex Trauma and PTSD.

For more information about Callum McGuinness or the services on offer at Schoen Clinic York, just call our team on +44 20 4571 9783.


Areas of expertise

Eating Disorders (Adults)

Training and development

  • Specialised training in ARFID
  • Level 3 Safeguarding
  • Leadership Academy Award in healthcare leadership foundations from the Edward Jenner programme.

Callum is currently undertaking Enhanced Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT-e) training and Sensory Integration training