Abbi-Jane Curran

Schoen Clinic York

Dietitian - Eating Disorders (Adults 18+)


Abbi-Jane Curran is our Dietitian at Schoen Clinic York, bringing a passion for empowering individuals towards healthier relationships with food and overall wellbeing.

Graduating from Ulster University with a focus on Dietetics, she embodies the essence of an allied health professional committed to making a tangible difference in people's lives. Her journey into Dietetics stemmed from a deep-seated desire to navigate the maze of conflicting information surrounding health and nutrition prevalent in our society. Observing the confusion consumers face regarding what defines a healthy diet propelled her towards a mission: to educate and support individuals in making informed and practical choices for their health.

Abbi-Jane's inspiration springs from the understanding that health isn't a one-size-fits-all concept. She ardently believes in championing everyone's unique path to health and encourages a harmonious relationship with food. Her zeal for guiding individuals towards their personalised version of health forms the cornerstone of her practice.

Eager to immerse herself in the dynamic landscape of eating disorders and their treatment, Abbi-Jane contributes wholeheartedly to the journey of healing and recovery for the patients at Schoen Clinic York.

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