Mission statement of Schoen Clinic Group

This Mission Statement is an expression of our values and principles. We have set down the principles according to how we will carry out our work every day for the wellbeing of our patients.

Quality, evidence and transparency are among the core concepts of our new Mission Statement. They are representative of all areas of work, specialities or locations and characterise the work we do at Schoen Clinic hospitals.

Patient wellbeing

We aspire to provide excellent medical quality for the benefit of our patients. We know that the best results are achieved through constructive and open exchange and consistent action. Our decisions are guided by transparent, fact-based reasoning and their success is measured using clearly defined parameters. 

Evidence-based decisions for the good of our patients come first. New insights or unsatisfactory results make us rethink our decisions and correct them consistently and quickly.


We encourage independence when making decisions and identifying solutions. All colleagues should obtain and share any information required in a proactive manner. Areas of responsibility are of secondary importance and are subordinate to collegial, respectful and results-oriented collaboration.

We respect both employees' professional and personal concerns and are very open to innovation. In principle, individual, targeted solutions are more important to us than a "one size fits all" approach.

Our managers have a high degree of responsibility towards their employees and are continuously involved in their further development.

We expect all employees to deal openly with mistakes. A mistake is an opportunity for colleagues and the company to learn lessons and avoid making the same mistakes in future.

Medicine, quality & profitability

We know that high-quality care and profitability are directly related. A high level of medical expertise is the result of experience and gaining knowledge.

We measure good quality using result parameters, compare ourselves to key industry data and are transparent with the results. Superior quality results in higher demand from patients, which in turn leads to growth and therefore financial stability.

Financial stability forms the foundation for funding high medical quality. Every employee makes a contribution by responsibly using the means, resources and assets made available to us.

Competition and change

Competition in the healthcare sector will continue to intensify, thereby increasing the need for all participants in the market to adapt to new circumstances.

We are open to change and competition because they encourage us to regularly review, adapt or change our actions. Without change, current medical high standards would not have come about.

We secure our knowledge and share the insight we gain at one location across others in a constructive and collaborative manner.

Laws and internal company instructions

Compliance with legal requirements and all internal company instructions establishes the framework for our actions. We see compliance as the opportunity to review our own actions within increasingly complex frameworks. We therefore conduct compliance training and are committed to our incident reporting system.

We guarantee the confidentiality, integrity, availability and traceability of sensitive information and personal data.

Our colleagues are committed to the company's interests and inform their managers transparently and proactively about any conflicts of interest. We do not tolerate personal enrichment, corruption or other forms of unlawful influence.

Social and environmental responsibility

We oppose discrimination based on ethnicity, gender, religion, worldview, age, disability or sexual orientation.

We have a high degree of responsibility towards our patients, employees, suppliers, society and the environment. In this context, we make a contribution to sustainability and environmentally friendly solutions.

We are committed to the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement and are working on ways to reduce our carbon footprint.