What makes us different?

All our UK hospitals are rated 'Good' or 'Outstanding' by the Care Quality Commission

Welcome to Schoen Clinic, the home of highly specialised eating disorder and mental health care in the UK

We understand that every person is unique and every patient is different, that's what makes us different.

We've made it our Purpose to provide the best individualised specialist care for every patient and our aim is to help people feel better and recover faster.

Our leading experts provide award winning, innovative, personalised medicine; specialising in mental health conditions and eating disorders.

Working together as a multidisciplinary team, our people are committed and passionate about patient health and wellbeing, supporting them through treatment, rehabilitation and recovery. 

Welcome to Schoen Clinic, giving you access to world-class experts and care, when you need it most.

Pioneers in clinical quality measurement

For us, patient safety, experience and clinical outcome are the most important things.

To measure our effectiveness, we have developed our unique assessment tool.

Assessing the quality of the hospital stay based on 3 key areas:
1. Quality of treatment
2. Patient safety
3. Patient experience

Outcome data

Our quality data model ensures all data is comparable (because of explicit definitions and defined data collection processes) enabling it to be benchmarked against other hospitals and clinics, both in Germany and the UK. This drives continuous improvement.

All Schoen Clinic UK sites have multiple routine outcomes that are assessed at both admission and discharge for all treatment pathways; adult anxiety and mood outpatient day programme, adult eating disorder day care, inpatient and outpatient programme, children and young person eating disorder day care, inpatient and outpatient programme.

Some measures are PROMS (Patient Reported Outcome Measures) and are also completed throughout the treatment journey and some are clinician rated. These outcomes are integrated with an electronic health record and a bespoke patient information system. 

Key findings from 2021 Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) - Schoen Clinic

Read our 2021 mental health division outcome data here taken from PROMs.

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Committed to research, innovation and education

Schoen Clinic Newbridge provides the right treatment, at the right time tailored to each patient. We're proud to say it is recognised as one of the UK's leading inpatient hospitals for children and young people with eating disorders and is rated CQC Outstanding.

Schoen Clinic Newbridge is also recognised for its acclaimed research work driven by Professor Hubert Lacey. Its research programmes are supervised by experienced researchers, enabling staff, patients, their families and professional groups to undertake rigorous research to improve patient treatment from the findings.

Consistently improving the knowledge and understanding of eating disorders enhances the treatments we are able to offer and most importantly, paves the way for a prolonged and successful recovery.

Why choose Schoen Clinic?

Our dedicated multidisciplinary teams of world-class specialist clinicians and healthcare professionals robustly measure quality outcomes, aiming to deliver outcome excellence as standard.

In addition to that promise, we offer;

  • Consistent service innovation with advanced treatments (some not available via the NHS)
  • Consistent investment in our people, facilities and equipment 
  • Safe, clean and modern environments for everyone 
  • Fast access to high quality private healthcare within minimal waiting times for treatment 
  • Enhanced clinical outcomes due to our multidisciplinary team approach
  • Internationally recognised for our high standard of patient care, clinical outcomes and patient experience 
Driving quality

As the first private hospital in the UK to directly employ the majority of its Consultants, we deliver the following;

  • Consistency in patient care and safety
  • Optimum compliance with data systems, procedures and measures
  • Doctor/employee benchmarking through our appraisal process
  • A transparent culture of self-evaluation, learning and accountability
  • Continual improvement and greater governance
  • Demonstrating high standards to our regulators, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and NHS England
  • A broad range of validated outcome measures for each patient
  • Confidence in us as a referrer that the patient will have the best possible outcome 

As featured on BBC Three

Schoen Clinic Newbridge featured in a 2022 BBC Three documentary - Zara McDermott: Disordered Eating which explored the immense rise in eating disorders among children and teens.

Schoen Clinic Newbridge granted exclusive access to their hospital, to speak to patients during the making of the documentary, and to give valuable and rare insight to a social media influencer from the perspective of children and teens with an eating disorder. 

The news digest of the latest research and thinking from the Schoen Clinic Mental Health Group

The Research Informer

The Schoen Clinic Research Group bring the most up-to-date information on what has gone on and is going in the field of clinical research. The goal is to fine-tune therapies on offer so we can predict which therapy cluster will cure which patient.

Schoen Clinic Newbridge named LaingBuissson Hospital of the Year 2021.

Schoen Clinic Newbridge proudly took home this highly prestigious industry award.