Anna Coffey

Schoen Clinic York

Senior Healthcare Assistant - Eating Disorders (Adults 18+)


Anna Coffey, Senior Healthcare Assistant at Schoen Clinic York, brings eight years of dedicated experience to the forefront of mental health care.

Her journey within the mental health sector spans diverse roles, including a support worker in various settings such as complex PTSD, brain injuries, dementia, and eating disorders. Anna's extensive background also features a stint as a Researcher, where she contributed significantly by developing Patient Reported Outcome Measures to assess the quality of life for patients.

Anna's commitment to mental health began during her undergraduate psychology degree, where she concurrently worked in inpatient hospitals. This initial exposure laid the groundwork for her profound understanding of mental health, a knowledge base she continued to expand upon through advanced studies in Psychotherapy.

Currently undertaking a Postgraduate Diploma and Masters, with a core therapy mode in Transactional Analysis, Anna has honed her expertise in understanding attachment, trauma, and their intricate interplay with eating disorders.

At Schoen Clinic York, Anna focuses on working with patients who have a primary diagnosis of an eating disorder.

As a Senior Healthcare Assistant, Anna embodies a kind and compassionate approach, ensuring that professional boundaries and empathy are maintained throughout each patient's journey. Prospective patients can anticipate receiving the highest standard of care from Anna, who brings a wealth of experience, education, and genuine understanding to her role in the mental health field.

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Areas of expertise

Eating Disorders (Adults)

Training and Qualifications:

Anna has a BSc Psychology Hons (BPS accredited) and is currently studying for a PGDip with a Masters in Psychotherapy (BACP and UKCP accredited).

ORCID ID: 0000-0002-8058-0337