Bev Jarrett

Schoen Clinic York

Senior Staff Nurse - Eating Disorders (Adults 18+)


Bev Jarrett is a Senior Staff Nurse specialising in adult eating disorders at Schoen Clinic York. She works with both residential / inpatients as well as adults on the eating disorder daycare programme.

Prior to qualifying as a Staff Nurse in 2017, Bev spent her career in the education sector, specialising in behaviour management in schools all the way from nursery right through to college. Bev has always been drawn to fields that support people in various ways and her experience in Skills For Life allowed her to work with young people facing a variety of challenges.

Following her career in education, Bev began her foundation degree in health and social care and decided to go into nursing in her second year. She joined Schoen Clinic York in 2020 and developed her skills, focusing solely on adults with disordered eating.

As a Senior Staff Nurse, Bev works in collaboration with the specialist multidisciplinary team at Schoen Clinic York to provide comprehensive, compassionate and highly specialised care to adults with eating disorders. She takes an active role in assessing, planning, implementing, and evaluating nursing care plans for patients, as well as monitoring and documenting patient progress.

Bev also provides support to patients and their families, offers nutritional advice, and supervises junior nursing staff.

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