19.05.2023 15:19

Meet Schoen Clinic UK Group's new Private Enquiries Manager, Hannah Willcocks

We’re thrilled to welcome Hannah Willcocks to the team as Private Enquiries Manager for Schoen Clinic UK Group. 
Hannah has extensive experience in private healthcare and brings a great deal of passion to the role. She is dedicated to improving the private patient journey and will be instrumental in developing effective strategies to ensure ease of access for those in need of mental health or eating disorder treatments.

Hannah is currently managing all private enquiries at Schoen Clinic Chelsea and will soon be visiting our other hospitals to see first-hand, the amazing work they do.

Welcome to the team, Hannah! We look forward to sharing your bright future at Schoen Clinic.

Do you have an enquiry or a patient to refer to our mental health clinic in Chelsea? Get in touch with Hannah at hwillcocks@schoen-clinic.co.uk