Meet our multidisciplinary team of eating disorder experts in Birmingham

Our eating disorder experts have extensive experience working with children, teens and young people with eating disorders and work collaboratively to give every young person in our care the best possible input from a variety of clinical opinions. Our team consists of Consultant Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Assistant Psychologists, Nurses, Healthcare Assistants, Therapists and Chefs, along with our caring and compassionate administration and hospital support staff.

We all work together to provide exceptional inpatient and daycare for individuals with anorexia, bulimia and OSFED.

Our team offer fast private assessments and renowned evidence-based treatments, you can rest assured you or your loved one is in the safest possible hands. 

Call our team today on +44 20 4579 2533 or if you are a private patient or parent of a private patient, simply complete our private pre-screening questionnaire 24/7.

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Christina De Beukelaar

Specialist Dietitian | Group Strategic Lead for Dietetics

Eating Disorders
(Child & Adult)