Patient treatment pathway

Young patient in consultation - Eating disorders treatment
Support for children and young people with eating disorders and their families

We understand that coming to a health facility can be very daunting for young people. At Schoen Clinic Chelse we work with families to help them ease the path to attending. Let us know if there are any specific concerns before you attend for your appointment and we will provide you with information and support. 

Pathway through Schoen Clinic Chelsea for children, young people and families

Some families after a few follow up sessions require no further help. Other families may meet us for an assessment and while they do need support we may recommend another service as better able to provide this for them, including private and NHS clinics. Where eating is the main difficulty and the family initially need much support to help their child be healthy we have the core family based treatment and progress with this intervention is reviewed approximately every 6 weeks.

Schoen Clinic Chelsea also offer a weekly Wednesday evening programme where parents and young people can meet as a group. Evidence tells us that groups like this can be a key part of recovery for children, young people and families from the impact of an eating disorder.

With time fewer sessions with the multidisciplinary team may be needed and a more tailored treatment package from the bespoke treatment options will be offered. For example, this might include individual therapy for a young person and monthly family meetings or something else.

Young people aged 16 years and over may also be assessed for suitability for the adult day programme.

If you are in treatment elsewhere and would like to access aspects of the programme available at Schoen Clinic Chelsea please get in contact arrange a consultation about how this would work best for you.

Throughout a person's journey at Schoen Clinic Chelsea we are also thinking about a time in the future when we can end our involvement and when a family can know it is the right time for this. We hope to prepare families well ahead and hope they feel ready, knowing that we can see them again if needed in the future.

Initial assessment

The first assessment at Schoen Clinic Chelsea will usually be with the specialist consultant psychiatrist and one other member of the mutlidisicplinary team. Anyone from the family is welcome and the assessment will last approximately two hours. In this time we hope to meet with the family together but also for the assessing clinicians to meet with parents alone for some time and at other times with a child or young person alone too. The assessment will also include basic physical health checks such as weight and height.

After meeting with everyone, families are offered a short break during which the assessing clinicians meet and formulate initial recommendations. These are shared with you following the break and a written assessment report shared with you and anyone else you request this for within a month of this first meeting.

Initial recommendations may be for the core family based treatment and/or the weekly Wednesday evening programme or a more specific treatment plan from the bespoke treatment options. Young people aged 16 years and over may also be assessed for suitability for the adult day programme.

We recognise that pace of change varies across individuals and that the treatments children, young people and families can make use of depends on personal differences and circumstances. Therefore, with regular reviews led by Dr. Pippa Hugo we hope to flexibly adapt treatment packages to best support children in their recovery.

Patient in consultation with psychologist

Our treatments

The core family based treatment for eating disorders at Schoen Clinic Chelsea

Core family based treatment

The Schoen Clinic Chelsea core family based treatment model is designed to support families in the initial stages of seeking help. We believe that the combination of family sessions with the primary therapist alongside the evening group programme offers families the information and support most useful in overcoming eating disorders experienced by children and young people. This set of sessions can be repeated as often as needed and the treatment review with Dr. Pippa Hugo is an important part of deciding on the best next steps for each family. This may be to keep going with more of the same or to change a treatment plan to more or less intensive support.

  • 6 sessions family based therapy with primary therapist
  • 6 sessions of Wednesday evening programme
  • 2 sessions dietician
  • Physical monitoring with primary therapist
  • Core family based treatment reviewed with Dr. Pippa Hugo, Consultant Psychiatrist
  • Liaison with networks (e.g schools or other services) supporting families
Family evening programme at Schoen Clinic Chelsea - Eating disorders

Family evening programme

The family group programme is a 6 week rolling programme from 4.30-6.30 pm on Wednesdays. The programme is made up of a variety of group sessions that help both young people and their parents to understand and manage eating disorders. It helps you to learn skills and techniques to manage anxiety and distress as well as practical mealtime skills.

*When a family meal is indicated as useful this can follow the Wednesday evening programme or be run at other times in the week as arranged.


Parent group

Young people group

16:30 – 17:30

All about eating disorders and recovery

A group for parents to build confidence and develop understanding in supporting their child with an Eating Disorder.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

A group for young people looking at thoughts, actions and feelings, and how they impact on how we feel about ourselves, others and the world.

17:30 – 17:45



17:45 – 18:15

Sharing skills and support

A group for parents to share and reflect on the material covered so far.

Coping skills

To teach young people practical ways to understand and manage difficult emotions.

18:15 – 18:30

Parents and young people group: Take home

To review the evening sessions allowing parents and young people to share aspects they found most useful.

Parents and young people group: Take home

To review the evening sessions allowing parents and young people to share aspects they found most useful.

18:30 – 19:15*

Families meal

Families meal

19:15 – 19:45*

Families roundup & debrief

Families roundup & debrief

Yoga therapy group

Bespoke treatment options

Listed below are the different individual, family and group therapies that may be offered to you as part of the care for children, young people and families.

  • Individual therapies for children and young people - blocks of 6 sessions
  • Individual therapies for parents - blocks of 6 sessions
  • Cognitive assessment of strengths and difficulties
  • 6 Sessions family evening programme – blocks of 6 sessions
  • 6 Sessions parents group only from the full family group programme – blocks of 6 sessions
  • 6 Sessions young person’s group only from the full family group programme – blocks of 6 sessions

The additional groups listed below can be run dependant on number of participants, if you are interested please do let us know.

  • Multi-family days once a month
  • Monthly free support group for parents/carers of children and adults with eating disorders
  • 6 Week CBT group for young people
  • 6 Week emotional regulation skills group for young people
  • 6 Week body image and self-esteem for young people
  • 6 Week yoga therapy group