Your patient journey

Supporting you and your mental wellbeing.

For eating disorders at Schoen Clinic Chelsea, we offer an integrated approach to treatment that responds to physical health needs, psychological well-being and family support.

We understand all three to be key aspects of a person’s recovery. 

Our day treatment programmes are intentionally extensive and designed to support you and your family by identifying and tackling each aspect of your life that has been impacted by your eating disorder, whether it's your education, social life or life at home.

Programmes take place during the day and allow you the freedom and independence of evenings and weekends. This is vitally important, as keeping you connected to your everyday life is key to transitioning back into it, once you near the end of your recovery journey with us.

Accessing treatment step by step

  • Referral
  • Pre-admission Assessment 
  • Booked on to a treatment programme or outpatient appointment
  • Discharge from treatment and aftercare

For anxiety and mood disorders such as depression, OCD or panic attacks, we provide a treatment programme which is more intensive than individual therapy and is needed to progress towards full recovery. 

Our Intensive Treatment Programme includes with a range of specialist therapeutic groups and individual therapy which can be integrated with advanced medication management as required.

This is because unlike many other traditional treatments as we offer a multidisciplinary team approach, drawing from a range of specialist expertise to devise a tailored treatment plan focussed on your specific needs.

Eating disorder treatments (11-17 years)

Eating disorder treatment pathways for 11-17 year olds at Schoen Clinic Chelsea include the young people themselves and their families. This is key to a successful recovery and support following treatment.

The families we meet at Schoen Clinic Chelsea come with varied needs. We first meet each family for an initial assessment and make recommendations from there about best next steps. Treatment plans are developed in line with NICE guidelines and best available evidence.

Intensive treatment programme - anxiety and mood disorders (18 years+)

We offer an intensive day treatment programme to people (18 years +) experiencing a range of difficulties with their mental health and well-being, which are having a significant impact on their daily life: including difficulties with anxiety, low mood, struggling to sleep, loss of motivation, and inability to find joy in activities.

The treatment programme includes a range of specialist therapeutic treatment groups, and individual therapy which can be integrated with advanced medication management as required.

A little more useful information

Treatment programme for adults with anxiety & mood disorders (18 years+)

Before you start the Intensive Treatment Programme, you will have an initial assessment at Schoen Clinic Chelsea with one of the clinical team where you will have the opportunity to talk about your current difficulties and what you have experienced in your life that may have led you to seek help at this point. You can have your initial assessment for treatment in as little as 24 hours.

Recommendations for which aspects of the programme will best meet your needs will be discussed and agreed with you. If together we agree the treatment programme will be helpful for you, it is usually possible to start the programme within days.

If treatment requires approval from a healthcare insurance provider, we are recognised by all the major insurers and can liaise directly with them to smooth the administrative process to minimise any delays.

If you are self-funding your own treatment, there are usually no delays.

You will be supported in your treatment by a team comprising healthcare professionals from a range of backgrounds (known as a multi-disciplinary team), who meet regularly to review treatment progress and plans.

The team can include Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Occupational Therapist, Dieticians, Family Therapists, Consultant Psychiatrists, Nurses and the Clinic Manager.

You will have a Key Worker who will meet with you regularly to develop a care plan which sets out your goals for treatment and support you as you progress. You will be able to attend a range of groups and have individual therapy if needed as well as regular psychiatric reviews as required.

Specialised eating disorder treatment programmes for young people (11-17 years)

The first step is to be referred to Schoen Clinic Chelsea. This can be self-referral or referral by a family member, a GP, psychiatrist, psychologist/psychotherapist or private medical insurance (PMI) provider.

Before admission, there will be a psychiatric assessment, a multi-disciplinary team assessment, for example, nursing or therapy, or referral to alternative services if outpatient/day-care is not appropriate.

Eating disorders day or outpatient care consists of intensive day care treatment, step down day care treatment, individual therapy and outpatient treatment.

Schoen Clinic Chelsea continues to provide care and support after discharge.

There is ongoing communication with the referring clinician and PMI (where relevant).


Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) Meetings

At Schoen Clinic Chelsea, we take pride in our Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) approach. MDT meetings enable us to deliver joined-up care and ensure that you have the benefit of opinions from a number of specialists. 

At these meetings, your current problem, imaging and relevant background medical history may be discussed. 

All of these professionals are bound by strict legal terms of confidentiality which prohibit any information sharing outside the bounds of the MDT, except where absolutely necessary for your care.

If you have any questions about the MDT meetings and what happens with your information, please speak to your Specialist.