Procurement at Schoen Clinic

If you are a supplier who can continue to push quality expectations with us, then please contact either our Heads of Procurement or Buyers to discuss.

The best quality and optimal processes

Schoen Clinic is always on the lookout for capable suppliers who will help us achieve our high standards and can meet our requirements every day regarding:

  • Adherence to schedules
  • Quality
  • Innovation
  • Economic efficiency
  • Process design

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Our heads of procurement

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Current tenders can be found in the supplier portal

Please use our supplier portal to participate in all Schoen Clinic tenders. The procurement department at Schoen Clinic looks forward to a professional and Internet-based cooperation!
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Our code of transparency

Our code of transparency for ethically flawless behaviour is based on the following principles:

  • Separation principle: A clear separation between business and private sectors as well as between grants (for example sponsorship) and sales transactions in order to avoid conflicts of interest
  • Transparency principle: Any ancillary activity requires written approval from Schoen Clinic
  • Documentation principle: All contracts are to be recorded in writing. Cash payments to Schoen Clinic are either to be transferred cashless or are to be documented in writing if paid in cash
  • Equivalence principle: Service and service in return must be in a reasonable proportion to each other

Our conditions of purchase

Our conditions of purchase are the basis for the business relationship.

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Invoice address, delivery address and delivery times

The following information must be noted to ensure a smooth delivery within the agreed time period with subsequent invoicing:

Invoice and delivery address

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Schoen Clinic is world renowned for offering patients rapid assessment, expert diagnosis, better outcomes and faster recovery times. All our locations have the same standards of excellence in treatment, facilities and quality care.
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