Saraj Bolla

Schoen Clinic Newbridge Birmingham

Assistant Psychologist - Eating Disorders (Children & Young People)


Saraj Bolla is an Assistant Psychologist at Schoen Clinic Newbridge supporting children, teens and young people undergoing treatment for eating disorders.

Saraj supports patients to develop their self-esteem, body image, eating behaviours, coping mechanisms and psychological skills and meets with parents weekly to keep them informed of their child’s psychological input, understanding each patient’s individual needs.

Prior to joining our team, Saraj gained experience working in a crisis resolution team supporting people with high levels of risk and also worked in a residential school for children with complex Autism diagnoses.

Saraj credits his desire to work at Schoen Clinic Newbridge as coming from our commitment to delivering award-winning services and excellent standards of patient care.


Areas of expertise

Eating disorders:


  • First-class degree in Psychology
  • Masters degree in Clinical Psychology