Dr Sumi Ratnam

Schoen Clinic Centre for Mental Health Chelsea

Consultant Psychiatrist - Mental Health Conditions


Dr Sumi Ratnam is a highly skilled and compassionate Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist based at Schoen Clinic Chelsea.

With nearly 30 years of experience, she specialises in providing expert care to adults with mental health conditions. She has a particular interest in women's mental health but also offers specialised mental health support and treatment for men.

Dr Ratnam's proficiency in risk assessment and domestic violence is a testament to her extensive knowledge in forensic psychiatry. Throughout her practice, she has developed an aptitude for evaluating mental illness and personality disorders, as well as assessing their impact on parenting and individual response to treatment. Her expertise enables her to provide critical support and guidance to those affected by these complex situations.

Throughout her career, Dr Ratnam has developed a deep understanding of various mental health challenges including (but not limited to):

  • Mental health conditions: Dr Ratnam is proficient in addressing conditions such as depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety and panic disorder. She utilises evidence-based therapies to provide effective relief and support.
  • She is interested in how the demands of life (parenting, relationships, work) affect mental health and provides support to parents negotiating such demands.  
  • Trauma and PTSD: Dr Ratnam demonstrates a special interest in evaluating and treating individuals who have experienced various forms of abuse, whether during childhood or as adults. Her expertise extends to understanding and addressing the effects of domestic violence, helping survivors navigate the complexities of trauma recovery.
  • She has extensive experience in how mental health problems conditions can have an impact on a woman's overall wellbeing and how the reproductive cycle (menstruation, pregnancy, menopause) affects these conditions, tailoring her treatment plans accordingly.
  • Dr Ratnam also regularly sees young women (18-25 years) who are navigating the transition into adulthood.

As an advocate for trans-cultural issues, Dr Ratnam actively recognises the importance of culture and diversity in mental health care. She ensures her patients' unique backgrounds and experiences are taken into account, providing culturally sensitive and inclusive treatment options.

Dr Ratnam welcomes self-funding patients to her Schoen Clinic Chelsea practice. Book an appointment today by calling +44 20 4571 6312 or complete our pre-screening questionnaire online anytime to suit you.


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