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NHS patients at Schoen Clinic York

Welcoming NHS funded patients every day

The NHS pathway to specialist treatment for eating disorders at Schoen Clinic York

Adult NHS patients can receive specialist care from our experienced multidisciplinary team in York.

As part of the Schoen Clinic Research Group, patients at Schoen Clinic York benefit from leading outcome based treatment pathways provided by specialist teams 24 hours a day.

We strive to make our patients feel as comfortable as possible while undergoing treatment with us at our safe and welcoming inpatient hospital for eating disorders on the ground floor of Minster Grange.

NHS patients arrive at Schoen Clinic York via their Specialist Eating Disorder Service (SEDS) or CMHT (Community Mental Health Team). We receive a referral which is reviewed in our referral meeting and if appropriate, we offer a pre-assessment.

This supports initial care plans and treatment planning prior to admission. Once we have completed this, we would either offer an admission or make recommendations to the CMHT if inpatient treatment at Schoen Clinic York isn't appropriate.

If eating disorder treatment is appropriate, an admission date is then set.

A guide to CMHT and SEDS

CMHT stands for Community Mental Health Team.

A CMHT aims to help you get back on your feet after a mental health crisis and they can provide you with short or long-term care and therapy to help avoid hospitalisation. If you are seriously ill, they can arrange for you to be taken to hospital.

Eating disorders and their associated mental health problems are among the difficulties addressed by CMHT.

Community Mental Health Teams (CMHT) provide assessment, diagnosis, treatment and follow up to people with severe and complex mental health conditions including eating disorders. 

To access your CMHT, your first step will be talking to your GP so they can understand your needs and introduce you to the most appropriate mental health service. They will also provide you with a referral.

You can find your local GP on the NHS website.

SEDS stands for Specialist Eating Disorder Service.

SEDS provides support up to four days a week, including nursing care, food support, dietetic input, psychological support, psychiatric and medical support. A wider array of social support services can also be provided to families and caregivers.

A SEDS session provides adults with eating disorders with a safe, supportive and collaborative environment which enables them to tackle the many negative factors such a disorder can bring to their lives.

In most cases, people should be seen by their community mental health teams (CMHTs) so in the first instance, referrals should be sent to the CMHT by Primary Care (e.g. GPs).

The following can lead to a referral to SEDS:

  • The CMHT has determined that a person with an eating disorder requires more intensive treatment.
  • A person with an eating disorder has been an inpatient and requires continued inpatient treatment to maintain change after discharge.
  • There is a high probability that the individual with the eating disorder will require intensive input to improve nutrition and or stabilise eating patterns (but not enough for an inpatient stay).

Accessing expert inpatient treatment for eating disorders at Schoen Clinic York

If specialist inpatient treatment is required, your CMHT or SEDS can refer NHS patients to Schoen Clinic York.

Once we receive a referral, we review it together with any other referrals in our weekly referral meeting and if you are considered appropriate for the type of specialist eating disorder treatments we offer, a pre-assessment will be offered to begin your treatment journey with us.

Referrals can be sent confidentially and directly to the clinical team at Schoen Clinic York via email to schoenclinicyork.referrals@nhs.net or NHS colleagues can call the Schoen Clinic York team direct on +44 20 4571 7966.