Private patient pre-screening questionnaire

Please complete this pre-screening questionnaire to assess initial suitability for private treatment at Schoen Clinic Newbridge. We treat children and young people (8-18 years) with eating disorders as inpatients (residential), via our daycare programme (attend treatment during the day). 

There are 2 important stages to accessing private treatment with us; 1) complete this pre-screening questionnaire and 2) attend a full clinical assessment either online or in-person at our hospital if you/the patient is initially deemed appropriate for treatment with us following pre-screening.

If you/the patient are clinically appropriate and private funding is agreed, our aim is always to start treatment as soon as possible. 

Once this questionnaire is complete and submitted, we will be in touch to update you regarding treatment suitability with us. 

Thank you.

The Private Patient Care Team
Schoen Clinic Newbridge

Enquirer/patient information

Pre-screening questionnaire

Please email referrals to newbridge.referrals@nhs.net

If you are not using health insurance to fund treatment, please visit https://www.schoen-clinic.co.uk/birmingham/patients/self-funding-patients to ensure you are fully aware of our self-funding fees.

There is currently no charge for self-funding inpatient or daycare treatment assessments, which is the final stage to accessing private treatment with us.

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