Christina De Beukelaar

Schoen Clinic Newbridge Birmingham

Strategic Lead for Dietetics - Eating Disorders


Christina De Beukelaar is a leading private Specialist Dietitian and Strategic Lead for Dietetics at Schoen Clinic UK Group. 

She finished her degree in Nutrition & Dietetics over 15 years ago in Belgium and has extensive experience of many aspects of dietetics: paediatrics, adults, sports nutrition, mental health and acute inpatient care.

Christina has worked within the specialist field of eating disorders throughout her career across a number of different in and outpatient settings and has helped establish our ARFID pathway, being part of the assessment and treatment team.

As a specialist dietitian, Christina guides patients to understand what nutrients the body requires. Alongside the teams at Schoen Clinic Chelsea, Schoen Clinic York and Schoen Clinic Chelsea, she will work with patients to construct an individualised plan to ensure correct nutrients whilst meeting overall health or weight goals.

Anxiety regarding diet and weight can greatly impact families, social events and relationships and together, achievable goals will be set and worked towards to deliver meaningful behaviour change.

Christina welcomes privately insured and self-funding patients to her Schoen Clinic Chelsea practice and is also part of ARFID team offering private diagnostic assessments alongside Dr Rebbeca Trikić and Janet Tighe at Schoen Clinic Newbridge. This is for those aged 8 years+ through to adults of all ages. Please complete our pre-screening questionnaire to access ARFID assessments.


Areas of expertise

Dietetics and Nutrition.

  • Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID) assessments.

Eating disorders: