Where can your back become stronger than your pain?


Our aim is to help people feel better and recover faster.

What makes us different

We understand that every person is unique and every patient is different, that is what makes us different.

As a healthcare provider with a difference, we truly understand just how unique each patient is and have made it our purpose to provide the best individualised specialist care for every patient we see.

Our aim is to help people feel better and recover faster.

We are experts, who specialise in providing award winning, innovative, personalised medicine in mental health and orthopaedics.

Together as a team, we are committed and passionate about our patient’s health and wellbeing, supporting them every step of the way, from treatment, rehabilitation, recovery and beyond.

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Beating back pain

Back pain is the number one cause of disability in the UK. Low back pain affects around one-third of the adult population each year, and 1 in 15 patients consults their GP about their back pain.*

Whether acute or chronic, back pain should never be ignored. At Schoen Clinic London, our world-class specialists are committed to providing you with holistic and long-term care; from initial diagnosis, consultation, to treatment – whether conservative therapies or a surgical procedure.

Outpatient or inpatient our highly specialised multidisciplinary, award-winning team will be at hand to ensure you receive the right treatment and care to relieve your symptoms and get you back on your feet as quickly as possible.

At Schoen Clinic we provide specialist back and spinal conservative treatments, surgical procedures, together with 24 hour onsite intensivists, physiotherapy and rehabilitation – all under one roof.

* Macfarlane, G. J., Jones, G. T., and Hannaford, P. C., 2006.

Back pain warning signs:

  • Muscle ache
  • Pain extending down your leg
  • Painful pressure or stabbing pain in your spine
  • Feelings of numbness or paralysis in your arms and legs

Not all back pain requires surgery

At Schoen Clinic we see a huge amount of patients with back pain and spinal disorders, a large majority of these patients get great relief and results from conservative back pain management (such as physiotherapy, medication and exercise regimes).  

Although medication alone can’t actually heal a back injury, it can effectively relieve pain to allow for other conservative treatments to be explored. Our dedicated and experienced sports and exercise team will work with you in our onsite physiotherapy to ease your back pain without surgical intervention. If you experience acute back pain, pain therapy can be the right choice for you. 


When back pain becomes an unwanted companion…

If back pain persists longer than 12 weeks, experts talk about chronic pain. Long-term experience of pain leads to a memory trace in the brain, which permanently sends pain signals into the body, even if the original cause is long gone.

Chronic pain can often be accompanied by anxiety, depression and a significant reduction in quality of life. To relieve your chronic back pain, our experts rely on multi-modal pain therapy – a combination of pain therapy and physiotherapy tailored to your individual situation and needs.


Relief from chronic back pain

At Schoen Clinic London, we always aim for the least invasive treatment first. However, if exercise, injection therapy, and physiotherapy are not sufficient to relieve your pain, surgery may be a consideration.

Our experienced and award-winning spinal surgeons will discuss all available options and you can decide together the best approach for you. As experts in minimally-invasive procedures, you can benefit from microsurgical techniques and endoscopic spinal surgery all with the smallest incisions, significantly reduced scarring and aimed at getting you up and about as soon as possible:

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Prevention is the best medicine

Our modern lifestyle increases our risk of back pain - sitting for long periods of time at your computer, reduced movement and one-sided strain of the body. The good news is, with just a few simple exercises, for a few minutes per day, you can help your back stay happy and healthy.

Top exercises for a stronger back

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At Schoen Clinic London, our aim is to help people feel better and recover faster.

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