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Where can your knee become stronger than your pain?

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Our aim is to help people feel better and recover faster.

What makes us different

We understand that every person is unique and every patient is different, that is what makes us different.

As a healthcare provider with a difference, we truly understand just how unique each patient is and have made it our purpose to provide the best individualised specialist care for every patient we see.

Our aim is to help people feel better and recover faster.

We are experts, who specialise in providing award winning, innovative, personalised medicine in mental health and orthopaedics.

Together as a team, we are committed and passionate about our patient’s health and wellbeing, supporting them every step of the way, from treatment, rehabilitation, recovery and beyond.

Welcome to Schoen Clinic, giving you access to world-class experts and care when you need it most.

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What knee conditions do we treat at Schoen Clinic London?

Why does your knee hurt?

As one of the largest weight-bearing joints in your body, the knee is uniquely vulnerable to the effects of both age-related wear and tear as well as an acute injury. As with all the joints in our body, the knee is a highly complex articulation between three bones, all covered with a very specialised cushioning material, called articular cartilage. All joints are held in place not just by the inherent stability of the way the bones fit together but also by ligaments and the surrounding muscles. In the knee, we have additional help from the meniscal cartilages which not only create stability but also add to the protective shock-absorbing effect of the surface or articular cartilage.

The causes of knee pain are too numerous to mention, however the usual result of injury, whether it be through gradual aging, chemical imbalance, infection, or acute trauma, is inflammation.

Our job is to help find out what exactly is causing your pain and then create a clear plan as to how we can help.

Help and support we provide to relieve your knee pain

How we can help you?

Every year in the UK, 220,000 people undergo hip or knee surgery. This number of operations will only incr­ease as we as a population live longer together with our greater ambitions and expectations for staying fit and mobile.

Our team of world-class experts will advise and support you in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of your knee condition; providing innovative solutions using groundbreaking techniques.

Our aim is to help you feel better and recover faster.


Surgery is not always the first option

Surgery must always remain the treatment of last resort once all the less invasive therapies have been considered and or exhausted. Conservative treatments can ease pain and allow for a good level of mobility within the knee, in cases of degenerative knee disorders like osteoarthritis, sometimes the best solution is physiotherapy to simply strengthen the muscles. Equally following a knee injury, meniscal cartilage tears and ligament ruptures can often benefit from a trial period of conservative treatment. Where this approach does not work the option for surgery remains.

With some of the UK’s most highly respected knee specialists at Schoen Clinic London, you can be confident knowing that you will get the right treatment. Working as part of a multidisciplinary team  with our physiotherapists, sports medicine doctors and pain specialists means that the decisions are taken together with all options available.


Whatever problem you are facing with your knee, our multidisciplinary team are here to diagnose the exact cause and find the right solution to get you back on your feet as soon as possible. We are confident that we have a uniquely specialised hospital and supportive team both on the wards and in our operating theatres, to reproducibly achieve excellent independently measured outcomes as well as outstandingly highly rated patient satisfaction scores.

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Get back to life quicker with Rapid Recovery Programme

Part of what makes Schoen Clinic different is our uniquely designed Rapid Recovery Programme. There is no more lengthy bed-bound recovery period, as research has shown that getting you back on your feet quicker is far more effective than traditional bed rest. This is achieved using very specific anaesthetic techniques including extensive use of regional nerve blocks, as well as having 24/7 pain management specialists on the ward.  

Internationally renowned knee specialists

Schoen Clinic London has a world-class multidisciplinary team of experts ensuring you get rapid diagnosis, specialist treatment and quality outcomes you can count on. Our Heads of Department, Mr Rajaratnam and Mr Sweetnam, oversee the team and provide the latest, most effective care to our patients, treating all types of knee conditions.

Mr Rajaratnam is an expert in cutting-edge rapid recovery techniques, treating professional and amateur sportsmen and performing over 100 ACL reconstructions each year. Internationally recognised, Mr Sweetnam is at the forefront of treating some of the world’s most elite sportsmen and women through his work with professional sports teams. Having worked for over 30 years in the NHS he has a wealth of experience to draw upon. Whoever you decide to see at Schoen Clinic London, know that you are in the safest and most capable hands, providing the best treatment for you.

Our specialised hospital for knee conditions

Schoen Clinic London has a world-class multidisciplinary team of experts ensuring you get rapid diagnosis, specialist treatment and quality outcomes you can count on. 

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