Counselling Psychologist - Anxiety & mood disorders

Ms Laurel Playford

Schoen Clinic Centre for Mental Health Chelsea

Counselling Psychologist - Anxiety & mood disorders


Mrs Playford is a Chartered Counselling Psychologist specialising in anxiety and mood disorders at Schoen Clinic Chelsea.

Areas of expertise

  • CBT
  • DBT
  • Schema Therapy

Laurel is a Chartered Counselling Psychologist with a number of years experience working within psychiatric hospitals and community services. Her therapeutic approach is tailored to the needs of individual clients, always with the goal of relieving emotional suffering and fostering new insight into current or longstanding difficulties. As an intensively trained DBT therapist, Laurel specialises in treating problems of emotional dysregulation using mindfulness and targeted behavioural skills that increase self-reliance and self-esteem and decrease the use of harmful behaviours to manage painful emotions.

Laurel is a Certified Schema Therapist and tailors her approach to work with the individual needs of each client. Schema Therapy is a relational, integrative therapeutic approach which focuses on attachment theory, psychodynamic theory, CBT, plus Gestalt and experiential techniques to help clients understand and heal patterns of unhelpful thoughts, feelings or behaviours that develop through childhood and adolescence.