Leg lengthening surgery in London

Growing your bones

Leg length inequality or short stature can now be addressed very efficiently by the lengthening of long bones such as the femur. Using modern techniques and established principles, our expert team at Schoen Clinic London may be able to help you.

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Limb lengthening
Physiotherapy after leg lengthening surgery

Introducing our new leg lengthening service

Schoen Clinic London is pleased to introduce a new service for you. Leg lengthening, also referred to as limb lengthening, is the process whereby a long bone is gradually distracted after a fracture. The term callotasis is also used to describe how callus (the new bone which forms after a fracture) is distracted or stretched to lengthen a bone. The femur can usually be lengthened at a rate of 1mm per day for up to 80 days gaining up to 8cm in height.

Our experts at Schoen Clinic London use the latest techniques for osteotomy and distraction. Using the Precice Stryde intramedullary nail, we can achieve excellent results to correct your imbalance or make you TaLLer. The results to date have been excellent and you can be confident with our techniques and care, from start to finish.

Ideal candidate for leg lengthening surgery

Who is an ideal candidate for leg lengthening surgery?

Leg lengthening surgery may be suitable for you, especially if you are young and supple. It is major surgery and you will need to tell us of any medical conditions that may be troubling you. Smoking is prohibited and as you will need to undertake a strict programme of physiotherapy with stretches as you grow.

Not everyone is suitable and you may not always be able to achieve your desired height gain, however, our experts will discuss this further with you and make recommendations accordingly.

We correct your leg lenght inequality

We can equalise your leg length inequality

At Schoen Clinic London we are now able to offer surgery to precisely equalise your leg length and restore your balance. Modern techniques allow us to osteotomise the relevant bone, usually the femur, and then lengthen it to balance you. You will be in control of the distraction using an external remote control which will allow you to grow the bone at a rate of 1mm per day. This allows for a very precise correction and the leg lengthening can be stopped when you feel that the legs are of equal length. 

Make me taller - Surgery in London

We can make you TaLLer

At Schoen Clinic London we are able to perform bilateral leg lengthening procedures. Our surgeons use state-of-the-art techniques to perform bilateral osteotomies of the long bones and subsequent distraction. Using the Stryde nail one can weight bear following surgery allowing you to mobilise with improved recovery and better new bone formation. Bilateral femoral osteotomies will allow for up to 8 cm of lengthening simultaneously so that at the end of the procedure you can be 8 cm taller!

This is major surgery performed under general anaesthetic in a hospital with full support, including pain management and physiotherapy.

Leg lengthening surgery prices
Physiotherapy after bilateral leg lengthening procedures

Recovery and rehabilitation: Leg lengthening surgery

This is major surgery, it takes time to recover from the osteotomy but you should be up and walking as soon as the same day following surgery. We anticipate a three to four day stay in hospital during which physiotherapy will commence, mobilising you with crutches.

There is a short latency period after which you can start to lengthen using a remote external magnetic device which we will show you. You will then be in control of this and with support we will show you how to grow. It is very important to keep stretching your muscles as you grow in order to prevent stiffness. This must be maintained during the growing period, but it is a good idea to start stretching beforehand and continue afterwards to maintain suppleness.

Specialists for leg lengthening

Mr Ian Bacarese-Hamilton has teamed up with Dr Dror Paley in West Palm Beach who has extensive experience in this field. Ian was the first surgeon in the UK to perform bilateral femoral lengthening using the Stryde nail with great success. He has an abiding interest in bone growth and cosmetic stature lengthening.

Our specialised hospital for leg lengthening surgery in London

Schoen Clinic London is ideally situated in Central London with easy access and great accommodation for those who wish to stay locally whilst they grow. We have a  highly specialised Orthopaedic hospital with all the facilities you might need during your stay. We also provide the full complement of outpatient care such as imaging and physiotherapy in a modern and clean environment.

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